1st Trimester


What is everyone craving?

I can't stop thinking about Pepper Jack Cheese!!!  Actually anything spicy I guess.

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Re: Cravings?

  • Coffee! It's so weird too! For the first 9 weeks, I cut it out and didn't have a problem at all, but starting 2 days ago...I want my coffee and cream. I have one big cup in the morning and then cut all caffine the rest of the day. Stinks bc I am cutting my ice tea, but I need coffee for some reason lately. (And it helps digestion, which is a serious PLUS! hehehe).


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  • Fruit, especially berries... all I want is fruit lately! While I used to enjoy really spicy food and loved vegetables at the moment I can't seem to be able to stand just being in the same room with either one! Cravings are so strange!


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  • Mostly, it's been yogurt, fruit, or a combo of b oth (smoothies!) which is rather abnormal for me.  I thought I would be craving McDeath by now lol... I -did- send my roomie and hubby to the store last night for cookies though, and just now for donuts lmao...

    I haven't been drinking coffee for the last couple of weeks but that does sound good now that you mention it... 


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  • It's funny you say that.  I have always been a cup or 2 of coffee drinker a day girl.  I can't even stand the smell of it right now...that's one reason I suspected I was pregnant lol.  My last pregnancy was the same way!

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  • I made my husband go with me to get a gigantic raspberry lemonade smoothie yesterday. Something cold and fruity just sounded amaaaazing!
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  • ribs! i got my husband to go out last night and get us some take out ribs for supper... i had been craving them all week! other than that lots of fresh fruit, loaded up with some fresh local fruits at the market today so I am set :)
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  • Anything cheesy (mac and cheese, Cheez It's, pretzels with cheese) and Jimmy John's.
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