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Anyone else going crazy in general?!

I'm 10 weeks today, and I feel like I've passed a huge milestone. We saw the tiny flutter of a heartbeat at 7.5 weeks, and it feels like this has been a strong pregnancy (m/s, extreme fatigue, hormones INSANE, etc.). I had 2 small instances of light brown spotting, and both times it appears it was okay (during the 7-8 weeks, when I guess it's kinda normal). I have some undiagnosed anxiety issues, and I've been doing my damndest not to stress out, but after my miscarriage last year I feel like I'm just walking on eggshells. A former coffee-holic, I've cut my caffeine to a tiny amount or none at all. I don't go over my 180 grams a day, but am slammed with immense guilt if I have a cup of coffee in the morning (1 cup max, then no soda or tea or coffee for the rest of the day). I know I'm just hormonal, stressed, and worried, but I'm just looking for reasons I could miscarry...I'll feel guilt all day about my cup of coffee. Some days I feel so positive and confident, and some days I just wanna cry all do (and sometimes do) because with each passing week, the stakes get higher. At my husband's urging, we made a facebook announcement today, and I've been worried all day. Despite the fact that I HAVE had a miscarriage and have to be gluten free, there's no reason to worry. The absence of any symptoms also sends me into a spiral...like I've not really had tender breasts at all, although I have thrown up like 4 times and am feeling generally pukey throughout the day. If I go a few hours without getting gaggy, I get nervous. 

I know this is long and rambling, but you ladies always make me feel better! :) Anyone else so consumed with worry that it's all they can do? I'm just so in love to this little baby already that I can't imagine suddenly being without it.  

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Re: Anyone else going crazy in general?!

  • Anyone else going crazy in general?! ...

    ummmmmm, YES!



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  • im right there with you. and then i freak out because if everything is in fact going well, anxiety isnt good for the baby and then i get scared im hurting the baby that way. its a vicious (sp?) cycle
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  • Hi i've 2o been going crazy im seven weeks but feels like im not pregnant no symptoms like I got in my previous pregnancies I know everypregnancy is different but it makes me just think but I know its all find and to be grateful no symptoms.Take care and We will all try not to worry.
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  • It is a scary and stressful time, but here's a couple things: Coffee will not make you miscarry, and symptoms (or lack thereof) don't mean jack. I had tender breasts that would come and go, but that was it. I really didn't even feel pregnant at all until she started kicking. Good luck with your pregnancy! I'd tell you not to worry but I know it's impossible. Just remember that every day is a gift.
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  • I have a lot of anxiety issues as well.  I know this may sound harsh, but if you do something that you KNOW makes you feel guilt, then why do you do it?  I follow all the "rues" (even if the risk is tiny) ie: no deli meat, no caffeine, no soft serve, no nitrates, etc....  In the event this pregnancy does not result in us bringing home an outside baby, I will know that I controlled what I could.  There are so many things we can't control in pregnancy and the few we can I choose to do.  It's only 9 months. 
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  • Oh my gosh... I'm so happy to read that other people actually feel like this too! Although I'm not happy that any of us feel like this. I don't have all the symptoms you read about. I know everyone is different. But this is my husband and I's first and we're just over 10 weeks and other than changes in my breasts, bloating and feeling emotionally crazy, I wouldn't even think I was pregnant if it hadn't of been confirmed. We're going to wait until after our dating scan to tell our family and friends and it all just seems so surreal! But so good to know that this isn't just me. Congrats and best of luck!
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  • Yes!! My anxiety has been through the roof! Everything stressess me out....work, friends, my 2 year old son, Ugh! I wish I could just relax and enjoy my pregnancy.
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  • I AM INSANE...inside. On the outside I am Insane sometimes. We had a MC as well, last november at about 10 weeks. It was the hardest thing I ever experienced. Honestly thought I would never conceive again. But. Last month we goofed around and said we would try...and here we are. I promise you- I am also losing my mind. I go back and forth. "What is it that I am feeling? Is this in my head? Are mybreasts still tender? Why am I not constipated? I was constipated last time!" I am trying to hard to not worry- but it is so hard. All I do is spend countless hours on this blog looking for women in a similar situation.

    I have my coffee every morning. Last time I cut it out completely and went bonkers. Headaches, dizziness, inability to focus. I couldn't live that way and my doctor told me to have my morning cup. So I listened.

    I have continued to go to the gym. Yes. I just don't want to get HUGE like last time and end up with nothing to show for it again. I keep telling myself to BELIEVE that everything is ok...but I did last time and it wasn't. So.... I can't give you great advice but I can tell you that I am there with you and am praying everyday that my next ultrasound shows more than just that sac...because I am scared. It will discredit all that I believe in..again.

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