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PCOS questions

I don't know if this belongs here or on TTTC.  We haven't been trying that long, so I hate to offend them by asking my questions over there, but I'm lucky if I have one period per year (it's always been this way for me).

Anyways, I thought I read that OPKs were helpful, but then I've heard they can create false positives?  And that the Clear Blue is for someone with more of a "regular" cycle?

I guess what I'm asking is if there's anything I can do to try and pinpoint my ovulation (when/if), or do I just kind of keep trying and hoping?  

For those who have PCOS - are you on Metoformin and/or Clomid?  What were your cycles like beforehand and what are they like now?  How many months of trying did you have to do before trying these out?  I don't know that I'll need these I guess (we got extremely lucky with our son), but I'd like to be prepared. 

Thanks so much!  I apologize if these are stupid or repetitive questions.  It's all a little overwhelming.   If you have any other info you'd like to add, please feel free.  I appreciate it!

Re: PCOS questions

  • I'm in a similar but different situation ;)

    After getting pregnant and then delivering DS, I had an IUD inserted and stopped menstruating (though I had issues with AF pre-pregnancy also).

    That said, I have ZERO idea when I O, so I'm charting my BBT and CM... I would start with that.

    However, I'm curious to see what/if/when people say to start OPK'ing...

    Thanks for asking! 

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  • I am kind of in an inbetween stage as well.  I kind of lurk on both but respond when I think I can be helpful. 

    I have slight PCOS.  My horomones are slightly off balance, with testosterone being elevated, but that's about it.  24 BMI, no skin tags or discoloration, etc.  Before BCP, I had 2-3 periods a year starting at age 16.  After BCP, I haven't had a period yet.  I started on Metformin in November and I do believe that is regulating me.  I will be able to tell from my temp tomorrow if I ovulated earlier this week.  For me, I believe temping will be the only way to tell if I ovulate.  OPK's just aren't for me.  I'm too thirsty to go 4 hours without drinking anything, I eat for a living and water is required between tastings.  So, I've tried them, but I don't rely on them, I just think it will be a perk if they work.  Ive decided to start with Metformin and see how it works.  September is my date to try clomid.  I can't think of anything else.  I hope this helps.

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  • I use OPK's and it's hit or miss for me...sometimes I will get a positive, and other months, nothing. I started Metformin in January, and my cycles were pretty regular for a bit, I have noticed that they are getting longer and longer each month.

    There is a good website, it's called SoulCysters, they have a wealth of information about PCOS and TTC!

    Good luck! 


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  • Thanks so much everyone!  All good info, and I'm glad to hear Metoformin tends to regulate!  I will definitely check out SoulCysters!

    Best of luck to you all! :)

  • ::Lurking from Jan 2012::


    I have PCOS as well.  My cycles were always random.   I went on Metformin for a couple months which didn't work, so I moved to clomid.  I took one round of clomid at 50mg and I didn't ovulate.  The next cycle I took 100mg of Clomid and got my BFP.  Without the help of clomid and progestrone I wouldn't have had a "normal" cycle.  I would recommend temping and logging in FF as your first step and work with your Dr. 

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  • I went to see my OBGYN after not having AF for 5 months then ended up having to go to a RE for other reasons and I was then dx with PCOS. I've done one round of Clomid so far and haven't responded the way they wanted to so I started Metformin yesterday. I would call and see if you can get in to see a RE!

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  • I have longer periods. I say longer because they are 2-3 months and I know some ladies go much longer. I would get multiple +opks in a cycle (days/weeks apart) This will be my second cycle of Clomid. The first cycle was fine and I had to trigger to ovulate. That cycle ended with a bfn but I am optimistic because I actually ovulated on cd19 last cycle. (instead of CD50-60)

    I recommend finding a great RE. One that won't push anything on you until you are ready. Good luck!

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  • Thanks so much ladies!  I need to check and see if I need a referral for an RE (I don't think I do...anyone else have Aetna?).  Would my Gyn/OB not be able to work with me for these issues? 
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    Thanks so much ladies!  I need to check and see if I need a referral for an RE (I don't think I do...anyone else have Aetna?).  Would my Gyn/OB not be able to work with me for these issues? 

    I went to see a RE because my OBGYN would not monitor me properly with u/s and blood work during the Clomid, they typically like to hand it out with out doing any testing... pretty much like candy. You definitely should be monitored,  you don't want to have a cyst rupture or waste any Clomid cycles (also can thin your lining out and make it so the baby cannot implant or just you not respond at all and need a higher dose). PCOS is definitely a RE issue due to it messing with your hormones.

    Also I forgot to add in my post earlier, my RE told me not to do OPK's because with PCOS you have an increased LH so you will get false +. So I would not waste your money :). Something I've been doing is using a saliva predictor, you reuse it every time so you only pay about $25 and can use it till you have to change the bulb or batteries! The one I have is called fertile focus. 


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  • :lurking from Nov 11:

    I  was dx with a slight case of PCOS 6 months going off bcp . My only issue was wonky cycles .  My Dr suggested I go on low gi diet, exercise 2 hrs 5 x a week-  do lots of cardio  and go from there. I also was doing acupuncture for almost a year , which really helped my anxiety, help my cycles become normal and healthy  and the chinese herbs helped me O . About 4 months after starting my new diet and exercise regime I got my BFP !  

      I loved this books !!!! 

    The PCOS Diet Book: How You Can Use the Nutritional Approach to Deal with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome 

    Baby-Making Bible by Emma Cannon- Even if I wasn't ttc it was a good read . Good luck !  


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  • I am taking 2500mg of metformin. That has allowed me to have regular cycles, ovulate and get pregnant though it resulted in a miscarriage on my own. We start Clomid next month. OPK's work very well for me as well as temping. Without metformin I did not have regular cycles. For a large majority of women with PCOS met seems to do the trick to get them regular. Good luck
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