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BF - pinching?

We have gotten past the biting phase, but now DS is pinching the boobs when he eats?? Anyone else have this problem and what did you do to stop tour LO? It hurts more than the biting!

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Re: BF - pinching?

  • DS doesn't pinch but could you wear something wrong your neck that he could play with instead of pinching you, maybe?
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  • OMG yes!  Sophie grabs and pinches and it hurts like a son of a b!  I try to hold her hand while she is nursing so she doesn't pinch and I am going to try wearing a long necklace for her to play with too...GL!
  • Sometimes he does, so I tell him it's not nice and remove his hand while saying "no".

    I hand him his lovey if he needs to fiddle, which helps.


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  • I offer her my finger to hold.  Sometimes she'll take it, sometimes she's determined to pinch.  

    The tiny little scabs left behind are hawt.  /sarcasm

    Oh, but if I lift my shirt up instead of bring the neckline down does seem to deter her.  Maybe that'll help. 

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  • DD likes to grab a fistful of boob, squeeze and push away from her mouth while still sucking really hard, it completely tears at my nip! I've been putting a small piece of cloth (whatever is close) and putting it in her hand--it's been a boob-saver!
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  • LisadiLisadi
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     ** Raises bruised arm ** YES!!! If the pinching is up front where I can reach it, then I offer LO a part of my shirt to hold or my finger. Lately, he's been pinching the back of my arm while in the cradle hold.

     Finally tonight I put a no-scratch mitt on that hand while he nursed on the left side. (Oddly enough, he only does that on the left side.) That helped immensely. 

     I was wondering if I should unlatch him and tell him "Mommy doesn't like that" similar to what you would do if they're biting your nipple. But, I didn't think he'd quite understand that for the pinching, and I hate to mess up a good latch.

  • It is so funny that you posted this, my LO started doing that today! There are little red scratches from her pinching me so much. I try to keep her nails short but those little talons just tore me to shreds!
  • DS pinches like crazy!  I give him a blanket or toy to keep his hands busy, it helps a little bit.

    Thinking of my girls - Zookbride and Mdluv...Lots of love!

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  • DD grabs a fistful of boob sometimes, but it actually doesn't usually hurt (she has pretty bad eczema and will claw herself to pieces if I'm not extremely diligent in trimming them).  However, sometimes I hold her hand when she nurses (mostly if we're sidelying).  She also likes to hold onto and fiddle with my nursing bras.  Maybe you can redirect his hand(s) in that direction.
  • Thanks for all the suggestions, ladies! I was letting him hold my finger, which works sometimes. Usually he's got a fistful of my shirt or his hand reaching up to my face for finger kisses, but this pinching is driving me batty!

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