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Transitioning baby to daycare

Miss B is 7 months old, and DH has been able to stay home with her since she was born (because he has a fabulous employer). He has to go back to work next month, so we are looking at daycare centers.  I'm just wondering if anyone could give us some advice on transitioning LO from being at home to going in to daycare full time. We were thinking we would see if we could start by just bringing her in for maybe 2 or 3 days for part of the day for a week or 2 before she has to go full time. Any thoughts or advice is appreciated (especially if you transitioned LO at an older age, which is much different than bringing a 3 or 4 month old to daycare). Thanks!

Re: Transitioning baby to daycare

  • Definitely start her off slowly. DD started at 10 weeks and we started taking her for a few hours at a time, gradually building her up to a full day after a week. Not only did it get her used to it, but it allowed DH and I to get our morning routine down.

    Several "older" babies have started in DD's class after her and the DCP says she always advocates that transition. Babies who are sent in 'cold turkey' usually struggle, cry and make themselves, DCP and the other babies unhappy.

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  • What you suggested is a good idea- ease her into the routine and allow her to get used to the staff in the daycare. This is what I did for DD1 when she started daycare after being cared for my my grandma while H and I worked for the first two years of her life. We started 2 days a week, and gradually worked up to it all week.
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