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Questions on Glucose Screen--prenatal tests

I switched hospitals, I did my infertility treatments at one and even though I've been with my DH for 5 years they still did the full panel of tests including syphillis and HIV (why when I knew there was no risk I have no idea)

 Then for my OB I switched hospitals which insisted on repeating the same tests.

My insurance which is usually amazing deemed these tests unnessecary (who can blame them) and I got to pay for both sets which was over $400 to find out nope, I still dont have HIV.

I have no risks for gestational diabetes, I'm under 25, active, white, not overweight, have no personal or family history and stay active. I dont eat high fat or high sugar foods which is what theyd suggest if I did have it. I cant get a straight answer from my insurance, but since I really dont have any risk factors it sounds as if the test wont be covered, but my OB still wants to do it-- I dont think its entirely nessecary. Can't we just test to see if I have sugar in my urine or a high glucose level first in my normal labs before we go all crazy doing the glucose screen?


EDIT: Its not that I'm against paying for the testing if its nessecary for the babies health--but personally I can think of several more fun things to buy for the LOs than another test that I have no risk factors for--and really probably wouldnt alter my behaviors that much.

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Re: Questions on Glucose Screen--prenatal tests

  • Diabetes strikes alot of people not in those risk factor groups.  The only factor I had was I am about 30lbs. overweight.  Other than that, nothing.  I had GD the first time around, and it sounds like I will this time.  There aren't usually alot of symptoms, either.  I would for sure do the testing for peace of mind, and to make sure your baby won't be really large.  If nothing else, like mine, it's easily controlled with diet and exercise, sounds like you're already on the right track there.  Good luck, but I would definitely do the test.  :)

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  • I'm taking the test again, even if it means I have to take the 3 hour test again.  There are sometimes no symptoms of GD or the symptoms are similar to common pregnancy symptoms (thirst and frequent urination).  GD can cause pre-e, early labor and big babies.  I would rather know for sure if I have it than risk the potential ill effects.
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  • I think the glucose test is pretty standard. I don't see why your insurance can't give you an answer ahead of time. But I can't think of anyone of my friends who didn't do the diabetes testing. At my doctors its not optional like the NT scan or something, its just done automatically at a certain week.

    I also had to have all the blood work at 8 weeks, which I thought was pretty silly since it is my regular doctors office and I didn't have HIV or anything when i first started going there forever ago when i was still w/ my now husband (been together 9 years, married almost 3). But i guess they do it to cover their own butts cuz i can see where some people might not be truthful about their sex life (or may not know what their partner is up to) and they would rather be safe. My insurance paid the whole thing though so i had no issue w/ it. That really stinks you had to pay so much for that!! Seems like it is also pretty standard pregnancy testing.  


  • I agree with the previous post that the glucose test is standard.  I don't have any risk factors for GD, either, but every patient at my OB's office has to take the test between 24-28 weeks.  You can still develop GD even if you don't have risk factors, so it's best to take it. 


  • The hospital that I'm delivering at has a rule that you need to have an HIV test within 12 months of delivering.  I don't know if it's for some kind of liability or what, but they did run the HIV and all other STD tests at my first OB visit.  I haven't seen a bill for it, so assuming insurance covered.

    And agree with PPs about the glucose test.  I have friends that had GD and had no real risk factors.

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  • You ABSOLUTELY need to take the glucose test.  GD can hit ANY pregnant woman - whether she has any risk factors or not, its one of those things that cannot be pre-determined based on your history/health. You need to take this test because even though you think its not a big deal and you don't have any risk factors to associate with GD, you very well could have it during your pregnancy. My friend, who was very much like you - young (25 also), healthy, works out, eats super healthy, and no family history wound up with GD.  So as you can see ANY pregnant woman can end up with it.  Take the test, not just for yourself, but for your baby's health too! If you don't take the test, wind up w/GD, and do nothing about it, you can do a lot of harm to both yourself and unborn baby.

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  • GD testing is necessary for the baby's health. The hospital re-did the testing to protect themselves in case you did have those diseases. You can say you are sure all you want but there are cases where people have STDs and aren't aware from either an untruthful partner or a past relationship. They are doing what is in your baby's best interest. 
  • The HIV testing is standard.  My OB told me that our state law mandates that she test (or probably offer the test) to her pregnant patients at the first prenatal visit and again in 3rd tri.  HIV is certainly associated with risky behaviors, but there are people who acquire it who did not engage in risky behavior (needlestick at work).  I am sorry that your insurance didn't cover the second test. 

    As far as the GD screening goes, it became a universal test because the number of stillborn babies delivered by uncontrolled GD moms far outnumbers that of mothers with controlled GD/no GD.  The "risk factors" were not enough to determine who would get GD and who wouldn't.  There are many overweight, Hispanic moms who do not test positive and many normal weight, Caucasian moms who do.  The screening test is necessary.  Chances are that you will pass.  Only 4% of pregnant women develop GD.  This test should definitely be covered by your insurance company.  Make sure that your OB orders it during 24-28 weeks, and that may increase the chance that your insurance will pay. GL!

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  • I was diagnosed with GD my first pregnancy and at the time I was 25, weighed 125, active (rode horses and ran every day), had a healthy diet (not high in carbs), white, and only one person in my family was diagnosed with type two diabetes and they were diagnosed in their late 60's. I'm glad I was tested. I was induced two weeks early with an 8 lb baby. My 2nd DS, I tested but barely passed. I ended up 1 week early with a 9lb 10oz baby. This time around, I haven't been tested but already on the diet. I had alot of complications with DS2 because of his size, etc.
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  • We see a CPM (TM) who doesn't do the one hour screen. Instead she uses a glucometer and I write down my diet and test after meals for a week.  You could ask your OB about doing something similar.

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  • DO THE GLUCOSE TEST! You do not want to risk this, trust me, from experience... it can get ugly.
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  • Thanks for all the input, it sounds like it is more important than I thought so I asked my OB at my appointment today to have her nurse call my insurance and get it preauthed first-- hopefully that helps them choose to decide to cover it.
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