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If you're working until your due date/baby comes...

Are you working a modified schedule at all? I'm due July 28, but told my boss July 29 (Friday) will be my last day, and he's great with that. He also realized the baby could come early, so he's been slowly taking over my daily work as he'll do the bookkeeping while I'm out. 

Most days I feel okay at work, but as it gets closer I'm getting antsy and tired... and bored. I'm a FTM so I really have no clue what the norm is, and I guess it's different for everyone everywhere. I'd love to maybe work 9-4 (currently 8-5) or something along those lines. Does that seem like an appropriate thing to ask my boss? FTR, I do the accounting/HR for a construction industry company, and my boss has never had a woman go on maternity leave in the 27 years the business has been open, so I think we're both not quite sure how it all works!  

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Re: If you're working until your due date/baby comes...

  • I'm working until the baby comes.  I have asked to work at home 2 days a week until then.  They agreed.  Its just hard to do much these days as I'm sure everyone understands!!!  I think your request is reasonable.  I wouldn't see why your boss would have an issue with it! 

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    I don't plan on modifying my hours but I am hoping to work from home more as my due date approaches.  Right now I work from home maybe once every two to three weeks.  I will have to talk to my boss about it since it is a semi-busy time at work....
  • There's no harm in asking.  I'm working up until I go into labor, as I did with my first.  My work won't let me work less or from though.  If I want to make any modifications to my day I would need to take vacation or sick time.  Since I want to save this for when the baby comes it's just normal days for me.  Hopefully you're work will be a little more flexible.
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  • Working from home is not an option for me, so that's not something I can ask about. I think I'll see how this week goes and then maybe ask on Monday if we can do that my last 3 weeks... I'm just scared! I don't want to seem like a pansy, I just don't know what's expected of 9 mo. pregnant ladies! 

    It's so hard to get going in the morning, and then I drag in the afternoon due to the lack of sleep these days... but there's no medical reason for me to modify work so I feel weird asking for less hours.


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  • I went to half days and it is the best decision I could have made! My swelling is WAY better, I am way more comfortable and now i go home, rest for an hour with my feet up, cruise the bump, eat somethign and then go to the gym. I feel SO GOOD that I am giving myself this little "treat" before I become a mom. Everyone says, enjoy the time/sleep/rest etc. while you can...taking half days has alllowed me to do that. I also worked 8-5 and it was a long day of running around, doing a million things and getting really exhausted.



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  • Are you hourly or salaried?  Hourly makes it a little tougher from a paperwork standpoint, but either way, it sounds like your boss has been pretty understanding.  Definitely no harm in asking! 

    I'm planning on working until the end, but I've already let my boss know that as my EDD approaches, I may want to work from home in the afternoons - that's the tough time for me.  I get lots of BH in the afternoons so sitting in a desk chair gets really uncomfortable.  Fortunately, I have the tools to work from home and my boss very recently had a baby, so she is super understanding. 

    Good luck!

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  • I'm working until my due date of July 25th or if I need a c-section because he is breech, which would be the week of July 18th.  We don't get paid maternity leave and I only have about 2 weeks of sick/vacation saved up, plus I don't want to waste any of my FMLA time before the baby gets here.  I've completely checked out, although I still have so much to do.  I work in social service and although a sub will take over my meetings for clients and what not, I am responsible for any and everything that comes up between now and when I leave.  I'm tired most days and have no motivation to be here but like I said, not an option for me to use sick/vacation time Sleep
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  • I don't think it hurts to talk to your boss about working fewer hours until the baby comes or until your due date.

    Today is my first day off (my due date) and it worked out well for me. I was checked out of work this past week, so it's nice to not have to worry about it anymore.

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  • no modified schedule. I have been working about 40 hours a week since school was over mid May. On my feet all day. Last day was going to be this Friday but now manager randomly scheduled me to work next Thursday (4 days before EDD)
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  • I am working until baby comes and haven't modified my schedule any.  That said, I can kind of come and go as I please especially since it is summer.  H told me I could take a few days off if I wanted but I don't want to waste paid leave. I haven't had many swelling issues and I have work that needs to get done and client memos that have to be prepared so another attorney can take over in my absence.
  • I'm due next week, and my last day is this Friday. I'm losing focus, getting sore, and too tired to even pay attention to what I'm doing. Hopefully LO doesn't take too long to come, because I will be using my sick / personal / vacation time until she comes. Maternity leave doesn't kick in until after baby arrives.
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  • I am working until baby comes. I work 40 hours a week. I am contract so I do not get paid if I am not here so not working right now is not an option. I need to work as much as I can to try to compensate for no maternity leave pay.
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  • I am planning to work up until I go into labor. I am FTM and feel like I might as well if I can. However I am starting to get bored at work and some of the tasks I have to do I am just avoiding as I dont feel like doing them. haha

    My 2 bosses said I could work from home if I needed to but its hard to do that when they are here as they need me for evertything! I have been coming in at 9 which I am should be here around 8:30 and staying until 5:30 or 6:00 which is my usual.

    Some days I wish I was not working and would have taken some time off to be at home before the baby comes but oh well.

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  • Well, if you can work from home it might be worth asking to do so.  Otherwise, I would play it by ear and stop going in when you feel that you just can't perform your job.  I am working up until July 22 (a Friday) and my due date is the 26th (a Tuesday).  I just didn't see the need to go back in to work at that point and will go ahead and use personal / vaca time until the baby comes and maternity leave kicks in.  In my case I have had a very easy time physically and have not complained much.  However, lately I can hardly walk after standing.  I look like an elderly person who just rose from a chair and hobbles the first few steps forward.  It is just this really severe soreness and stiffness in my lower back.  I just feel better knowing I have set an "end date" for work since I can't select my delivery date.  At leaset I have some relief coming and it is tangible.  If I didn't have such back pain I would likely just work up until the "big day" came. 

  • I'm working full time as usual right up til the 15th and I'm scheduled to have a c/s on the 20th.  My boss said that unless there's an emergency or something that I don't need to come in the two days prior to the c/s. 
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  • I work 40hrs a week and it is more like 50hrs most weeks, I cannot ask to work from home or have a modified schedule. If you can I would go ahead and do it!! I work in the design industry and with all women. Most of them worked full time right up till the due date, so I feel bad saying I cannot handle it. I just hope Jackson hurries up because I am ready!
  • I plan on working right up until the end - or until I'm told I can't.  I've just started training someone on how to do my job while I'm out so I'm better off being here as much as possible.  I'm trying to make sure everything is caught up and good to go before I leave.  Besides, I hate the idea of "wasting" leave before LO arrives.  I'd rather save it for my time off or for a vacation after the maternity leave.

    I do have the option of working from home which does help... especially the insane swelling in my legs & feet.   


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  • I'll be working right up until the end.  I don't have the option of working a modified schedule since I don't want to use any of my sick days before I have the baby.  I've got a full schedule for the next week and a half, but hoping the week of my due date I won't have so many appointments.     I don't feel great today, but some days I still feel fine!
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  • My c-section is scheduled for tomorrow, and I worked yesterday but took today off (Monday was a holiday). I just wanted to do a last good clean of everything and try to get to bed somewhat early tonight, so I figured off one day early would be cool.  And I was pretty much fine to work up until then!
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  • Today is my due date and I'm still working full time.

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