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MOnday vent day..anyone else?

Well today is the first day back to work and I'm out of it!! So tired, headache starting and rather just be home. I guess a long weekend wasn't the best At least I'm in comfy clothes today..

OH and everything is getting on my nerves! Fast! SMH this is gonna be a long day.

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Re: MOnday vent day..anyone else?

  • You are definitely not the only one! I could have written this! I'm sooooo tired today and my head hurts as well. Ugh! Hope your day gets better!

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  • I'm having some major swelling issues.  And I am NOT Happy about it.  I was miserable all weekend because my feet were HUGE.  This morning they were finally back to normal but I've been at work 90 minutes and they are once again huge.  Sigh. 

    ETA: Isn't today Tuesday?  I hope today is Tuesday...

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  • image HokieLaw:

    Tuesday?  I hope today is Tuesday...

    Yes! Today is Tuesday. At least it better be. I'm going to hurt someone if it isn't!

  • Ugh! You're not alone.

    I'm tired, achey, feel a headache coming on and cranky. I plan on having a cold cut sandwich and a diet pepsi for lunch that I've been craving for WEEKS. Hopefully that'll put me in better spirits. Wink

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  • Today is really the first day I feel pretty "puffy" too... bleh. I guess it COULD have something to do with all of the salty foods I ate yesterday, maybe - I think I'll blame the little bean instead though, haha. ;)

    Getting out of bed and off to work was pretty PAINFUL this morning - especially since I kept hearing on the radio "The commute is relatively smooth this morning - looks like a large number of people have prolonged 4th of July weekends..." I mean, "yay" for a smooth commute - but "boo" to the whole "BUT YOOU STILL HAVE TO GO TO WORK while everyone else enjoys an extra vacation day" thing.

    Oh well - at least tomorrow is HDBD!  

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  • im crabby too. i work from home so thankfully i dont have to deal with those in office issues.. but my issue isn't work related or even pregnancy related.

    the neighbor boy has been over EVERYDAY for a week playing w/ my step sons... im glad they have friends and this boy is nice... but i like my privacy and he's ALWAYS OVER.  go home :( i feel bad and super crabby with saying that. but eh.. :(

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  • I'm having an "I hate everyone" day, which means I have to take deep breaths before answering the phone and I have to write emails 2-3 times before sending them to avoid sounding like a total b!tch. 

    I work from home too, so at least I get to scream, "WTF do you want?" before answering a phone call :)

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