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Cord blood banking... Which company did you go with?

I am still shopping around for cord blood banking and possibly placenta blood banking...

 We have pretty much all of our baby stuff so we are planning on setting up a registry for the cord blood banking to help out.

Who did you go with? And why?



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Re: Cord blood banking... Which company did you go with?

  • we will be using cbr. they are well established/known (+1 point) and their banking facility is located in tucson (+5 points). so far we are beyond happy with the customer service we have received from our rep (+3 points).

    we also looked into via cord. not as well established as cbr (-1 point), their  banking facility is located in pa (-3 points), and their customer service was less than stellar (-3 points).


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  • We have banked both girl's cord blood with CBR.  They were by far the easiest with which to work.  They were at the hospital picking up the package within hours of both of their deliveries.  I also liked that I could haggle with them a bit on the price with DD2.

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  • Thank you Ladies!

     I was also considering Life Bank because they offer the placenta banking but we have decided to only have the cord blood saved.

     I had this lady emailing me back and forth from Life Bank and I asked about registry options and she informed me that they use gift cards that we would have to mail to all of our family and friends in order to have them donate to it. I told her that was inconvenient for me since I will have a brand new baby and my husband works 70+ hours a week! I informed her I would let her know once my husband and I decided who we were going to go with.

     She smugly replied saying, " Are you basing your decision to bank with a company for the preservation of your baby's stem cells soley on the availability of registry?"

     I was completely offended that she assume such a thing and that she even made a comment of the sort! So I replied back saying this: "

    We are basing it on the preservation. I have had recommendations for a different company over yours that a friend has used and If they do registry that is going to be more convenient for me then I will do that. However I do not appreciate your assumptive question.

    Please stop emailing me. If I am interested I will call and speak to someone. But now you have put a bitter taste in my mouth with your so called customer service or sales techniques. 


    You are completely rude!




    AGAIN, I was pissed! And that other company that I was mentioning is in fact CBR! I think that is who I will go with! Thank you ladies for your opinions, I do appreciate it! :)

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  • We used CBR and they made the process extremely easy and stress-free. (Which is exactly what you need during that time of your life!) 
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  • Thank you! Yes, I have already started setting up the registry for it and everything thru CBR! They have made it extrememly easy for me so far and I should have just went with my friend's recommendation rather than shopping around! But hey, at least I shopped and I know I am going with the best! :)


    Thanks again everyone!

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  • We went with CBR.  They made things sooooooooooo easy and they have a wonderful reputation.  They have the most experience and with something that important I wanted a company that I could count on.  More about my experience with CBR here My CBR story
  • We have been using and have been really impressed with their services. They offer a ton of resources on their site to help make a decision so I would highly recommend checking it out.
  • I ended up not choosing anyone -- hopefully that doesn't come back to hurt me. I did a ton of research and eventually came to that conclusion after months of deliberation. During my research I did find a website that was extremely helpful and would have made my life easier and saved a ton of time. I wish I found it sooner. Hopefully, people read this post in time. The company is Cord Blood Advantage. They're not a bank. They just match up your preferences with each bank. Took a second. Here's the website:

    It's free also so it doesn't add to the cost of cord blood banking.

  • Thanks for the website tip! We used cord blood and ended up choosing CBR. They seemed to match our needs the best. And we got a big discount!
  • I have posted in a few other places but we are pretty sure we are going with Alphacord.  THey have great pricing lots of options and great customer service.  Definatly something to consider my friends have used them one even has 3 children banked with them!
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