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Should I call the OB?

Alright, So yesterday I had a family reunion unfortunately for me it was 106 degrees out and I was miserable! We were out for 12 hours, about half way in I felt sick but that was not uncommon as usually have nausea. But yesterday for the first time since being pregnant I actually got sick. It lasted for about a half hour went home feeling much better now that it was actually out of my system. However when I woke up I was MISERABLE. I had this burning sensation in my throat radiating down into my chest it just hurt to inhale mostly like (when you drink too much pool water and it feels kind of heavy in the chest) I'm aware that morning sickness is well a pregnancy thing but from what I hear it's usually in the earlier weeks? Also with the chest pain reduced with Tylenol I've also had a migraine for the past 24 hours. I'm just concerned because all of this is out of the blue the sickness and headache. I don't want to look silly if I call my OB to ask her if I should see a doctor over some common pregnancy symptoms but I feel "not right" If that makes sense.
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Re: Should I call the OB?

  • The morning sickness wouldn't be of concern to me, but the migraine for 24 hours is definitely something to get remedied if possible.

    Don't be afraid to call. They are there to help you.

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  • I get the burning in my throat/heavyness in my chest after being sick (and often when I'm not puking). It feels like heartburn to me, so I take a Zantac if it's really bad.

    How far along are you? My m/s is still horrible at this point (even despite being on m/s meds) and when I was pregnant with DS, I was sick until 28 weeks, so, it very well could just be a random m/s episode, or be kicking in now.

    Have you tried taking anything for the migraine? I have bad migraines too, and when I'm pregnant, the first thing I do is Tylenol and drink something with caffeine. I also rub some original/unscented Bengay on my forehead and it really helps to reduce the pain of the migraine (this was suggested to me by my neurologist and it really works well!).

    Depending on how far along you are, your OB might let you take Excedrine or prescribe something. I was lucky and didn't have migraines during 1st tri last time, but I had migraines in 2nd tri and had one solid from 32 weeks until delivery. I was on Vicoden numerous times each day for that one, and puked all the time due to the pain. I was actually induced right before my due date because they figured it was better to get the kiddo out and get me off of huge amounts of Vicoden (and make me stop puking round the clock) and a few hours after delivery, it was starting to subside - although, I'm sure the pain meds given to me after my c-section (failed induction) helped. LOL

    All of this to say, it would definitely be worth a call to your ob on Tuesday. Most doctors won't prescribe things over the phone, so you likely won't get anything until the office opens again, but definitely call to find out what you can take if the migraine isn't gone by then.

  • It sounds like yesterday really took a toll on you. I would rest all day today, take tylenol and get rehydrated (maybe throwing up and 106 heat dehydrated you and that is the mygraine?) 

    If you don't feel better tomorrow, sure you can call. 

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    I think you overdid it and got dehydrated.

    Get some rest today, drink lots of water and see if you feel better. 

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  • You could be dehydrated and have heat stroke.  I would call your OB for sure and let them know, better to be safe than sorry.  I would also start drinking.
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    You could be dehydrated and have heat stroke.  I would call your OB for sure and let them know, better to be safe than sorry.  I would also start drinking.

    I agree that you are dehydrated! I would suggest possibly going to the ER to get fluid. This has happened to me twice when I was not pregnant and by the time I got to the ER they could barely find a vein to put my IV in. My symptoms were headache, throwing up non-stop (even when there was nothing left), shaky, and the worst time I even saw spiders on the wall that were not there. (That time we waited too long after throwing up for 6 hours and being in 110 degree weather on the lake all day!) Having the IV fluid treatments make you feel better almost immediately. You can go through 3-4 bags in a couple hours if you are dehydrated!



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  • This is when it really sinks in that you're pregnant and you can't do things that you use to be able to. You need to rehydrate and rest. Call the OB. It'll give you a piece of mind. I also know that if you have really bad migraines your OB can prescribe tylenol with codine to help.
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