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Anybody have a late crawler??

My DS is 8 months as of last Monday and is still not crawling...he rolls to get anywhere he wants to go!  He seriously doesn't stay on his stomach long enough to even practice before he is off rolling to get something.  Does anyone else have an older baby who isn't crawling yet?? Any ideas how to encourage the process??  Thanks!


Re: Anybody have a late crawler??

  • DS is the same age (8 months as of Friday) and still isn't crawling.  He is just starting to get on all fours and rock.

    I asked our pedi about this, and he said that actually the average age babies first start crawling is 9 months you really have nothing to worry about.  Also, he said that crawling is the only non-necessary milestone.  Some babies don't even crawl and go straight to walking...or do something else like rolling, scooting, etc.  Also, boys tend to develop slightly slower than girls.

    So I would say don't worry.  Just make sure you're giving LO lots of floor time/tummy time, and it'll happen naturally...if it's meant to happen.  ;-)

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  • Thanks for the advice!
  • Ours just started at 8.5 months.  8 months is average for crawling, not late!
  • Luke just crawled forward for the first time today. He moved each leg twice before face planting. He has been getting up on all fours and rocking or pushing himself backwards.

    He loves the remote control. It was on a blanket in front of him this afternoon and as he was going for it I pulled the blanket away and he tried his hardest to get to it. I tried it a few more times before Luke got tired of this game.

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  • I wouldn't be worried at all yet.  DD didnt crawl until after 8mos, and even then it was just army crawling.  As long as he's mobile and getting around somehow, I wouldn't worry!
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  • My son was eight months on the 28th and he isn't crawling yet. he has just started to pull him self by inches at a time about a week ago. he doesn't even roll very muvch. we know he can he has he just doesn't want to.
  • DS just started crawling THIS WEEK!! He rolled everywhere, then army crawled everywhere, but now we have finally started crawling. He started pulling up on everything this week too!!
  • My little lady doesn't want to have anything to do with being on her belly. Give her the option and she will stand until her to lips turn blue. She loves to be able to see and if she really wants something, she will roll to get it. I talked to my mom and she said that only one of her kids crawled (I have 3 brothers). Like others said, some babies are late crawlers and some don't crawl at all. 
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