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Are these initials inappropriate?

We are due with a "surprise" baby in September. The girl's name is Norah Ann, which is great. However, we really like Ben for a boy. That's great, except my husband really wants to use the middle name James after his step-dad who is wonderful. Ben James is fine, but his first and middle initials would be BJ. We obviously don't plan on calling him by his initials and you don't typically use your first and middle initials alone, right?

Do you think it is mean to give a little boy a name that contain the initials BJ? 

I asked family and friends, but they are either too old to really get what I'm talking about or they are being too nice with their answers. I'd rather hear from strangers. =) BE HONEST!

Thank you for your help!

Re: Are these initials inappropriate?

  • I think if there are two names you like and are trying to decide between, you should choose the other one. But if Ben is your absolute favorite name, then it's not THAT big of a deal. I think it's a good enough reason to sway you in a different direction, but not a good enough reason to give up your all time favorite name. 

    Would it be possible to use the stepfather's MN or LN instead of James? I do like the sentiments of using his name, and I don't think you should change that. 

  • I know some people really like the initials BJ, and go by those. So when I hear BJ, I think more of BJ from M*A*S*H or a kid in my neighborhood growing up name BJ.

    Of course, I do see the teasing potential, but I'm not sure if that kills the name for me. If Ben is hands-down your favorite boy name, and it is really important to use James, I'd probably still use it.

    Our daughter's first and middle initials are MF, but we loved the names involved.

  • When I think of initials, I don't just put together fn/mn, I put together fn/mn/ln. I think you are over thinking it.

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  • I don't think it's a big deal at all.  My cousin's nn was BJ and there was never much teasing over that, so I think you're fine!
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  • Unless you are going to call your son BJ, then I think you are fine.  If you are CALLING him BJ, then I would say rethink it.  If you are simply using a name that would be 3 initials, and BJ are the first 2, you are fine.  I play with words and letters and admit I'm a total grammar geek, and I never really think about initials when I hear a full name.

    If DH and I have a girl, one of our names has the initials MEH.  "meh..."  Like, "I don't care..."  No big deal to us.

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  • I don't think it's a big deal at all unless you plan on calling him BJ. Even then, it doesn't bother me for the same reason you're worried about. It just makes me think of a couple people I know that went by BJ, so I'm not a fan. We are planning on using James as our middle name and 3 of our top boy names start with B. I've kind of gone back and forth b/c of the initials but my fiance and i decided as long as we don't call him BJ and correct others if they try it should be fine. I definitely don't think of the inappropriate association though. Good luck!
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  • I don't think this is a big deal.  At all.
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  • It's completely a non-issue, in my opinion. Most people won't even know your kid's middle name, anyway. I think the only initials that wouldn't be okay for a kid would be K.K.K.
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  • In reference to names, the thought of BJ meaning something sexual doesn't cross my mind. I went to school with several boys that went by BJ, and I'm pretty sure I have a distant cousin named BJ. And wasn't there a Barney character named BJ?

    It's not a big deal at all. Especially if you aren't going to call him by his initials.

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  • I have a friend named Barbra Jean, she has pretty much gone by BJ her entire life. I'm not going to lie and say no one has ever made any comments about it, but nothing serious.

    If you like those two names, go for it! 


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  • image LaComtesse:
    It's completely a non-issue, in my opinion. Most people won't even know your kid's middle name, anyway. I think the only initials that wouldn't be okay for a kid would be K.K.K.

    And maybe STD

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  • we were heavily considering blake joseph but couldn't get past the bj initials. i know some people who named their kids a bj name and it was never an issue so it very well could never, ever matter. personally for me i can't do it.
  • Total non-issue. First of all, I've never, ever thought of my initials being my first initial-middle initial. I only think of my initials as being first-middle-last or first-last. Second of all, no one will ever know your son's middle initial, anyway, Third, maybe I'm being naive, but I don't think that most kids know what BJ stands for when they're at "teasing" age (early-middle elem school). There was a BJ (who actually went by BJ, I mean) in my class in elementary school, and no one even knew to make fun of him until we were much older, and by then he just owned it. 

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    image RedCardinal:
    When I think of initials, I don't just put together fn/mn, I put together fn/mn/ln. I think you are over thinking it.

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  • I know a couple of guys who go by BJ, and I've honestly never thought anything about it until I read this post.
  • Thanks! I'm giggling at "STD" and "KKK". Those are definitely not good choices. I'll just hope baby is a girl so I don't have to think about it. Big Smile
  • I would never.  Kids are cruel and they will use that as a NN to tease if they find out the middle name.
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  • I don't think it's inappropriate.  I know someone that called her son BJ (Brian Jr).  So I think it's fine, especially since you said you wouldn't be calling him by his initials.
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  • I personaly would avoid those initials
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