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Help with homemade baby food...peaches

I recently made homemade peaches for LO. I steamed them in the microwave and pureed them put they came out pretty runny, even when I drained the juices after steaming. Any suggestions on how to thicken them or maybe you made them a different way that didn't cause this problem? I would put cereal or oatmeal in it but he doesn't like them. TIA

Re: Help with homemade baby food...peaches

  • I think baking them might work better! I haven't made peaches because LO has a sensitivity it seems to them, but I know baking/roasting fruit it a great way to cook them and retain nutrients!

     Try also mixing it into yogurt if your LO has it! My DS loooooves yogurt 

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  • Maybe it was the microwave?  I've read that cooking foods in the microwave will take away a lot of nutrients.  I always steam LO's food on the stove or bake it in the oven.  I would do that - then you don't have to worry about draining after the microwave.
  • After you puree them add a little cornstarch mixed with water and microwave again until it boils stiring every minute or so.  It will thicken them up just like a pie filling.  You could also put them in a pot on the stove and slowly let them come to a boil and whisk in a little cornstarch and water and let it slowly boil, adding more cornstarch and water until the consistancy you want is reached.  As it sits in the fridge it will firm up a bit more so be aware of that if you are not using it right away.
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  • I steamed in a rice cooker and did not have this problem. If your peaches are super ripe and juicy you could probably skip the steaming altogether.
  • I don't cook the peaches before I puree them -- I briefly blanche them in boiling water (30-60 seconds) to loosen up the skin so it peels off easily, put them into ice water to stop the cooking process, peel them and chop them up before tossing it all in the blender. Seems to work well and keeps it from getting runny.

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  • I baked my peaches and they also came out pretty runny.  I add it in with my pureed chicken.  My LO loves it.  'Chicken with peaches' and 'Chicken with mangoes' are her favorite.  (I also thicken it with baby oatmeal cereal in the morning, but I saw in your post that your LO doesn't care for it).  
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  • Mine came out very runny as well (I blanched mine). I just add cereal to it and feed DS them in the morning. The cereal thickens it up nicely

    EDIT: nm I missed the part where you said he doesn't like cereal. 


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  • I baked peaches at 400 for 20 min and I didn't add any water when I pureed them. The small amount of cereal you would have to add to thicken them probably wouldn't change the taste of the peaches. They are pretty flavorful.
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  • I bake them and haven't had this problem.  If it is too thin, you could also add half a banana.
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