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overwhemled and scared

So I havent gained any weight and I not showing. Sometimes it looks like I having a belly, usually that happens when my bladder is full. We havent gotten any baby stuff at all. Our spare room is full of crap. We moved into our new apartment in January and I still havnt organized everything. I dont even know were to start. Sometimes I feel like i'm not pregnant, thats why Im so excited to finally see the baby. Reassuring myself that its still in there.
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Re: overwhemled and scared

  • Don't worry, I haven't gained any weight yet either.  Some days I have a little belly, others I just look like I'm getting fat.  DH and I were just talking about how we feel like we should be buying stuff, but most of the bigger things we are gonna wait until after the shower (in November).  And we still don't know the sex so we haven't bought anything.  We can't start on a room because we haven't moved into a 2 bedroom place yet.  I feel like we are in the same boat lol.


  • I have lost wieght, im not showing, and havent bought a single item.. i think your ok

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  • With my first pregnancy, I only had a tiny belly for the first 20 eeks.  I wore yoga pants instead of maternity.  All at once, I became huge.  By 30 weeks, people were asking me if I was having twins. 

    Don't worry.  Your time to be uncomfortable will come.  When you start to feel the baby move, everything will come together. 

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  • This is my 2nd and I forget that I'm pregant most of the time. I feel awful because I was so "in tune" with my first pregnancy.People will ask me how I'm feeling etc and I'll wonder why they're asking... I think after we find out the sex I'll be a little more "connected" to the pregnancy : )
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  • I feel the same. I think i've gained a little weight cuz i lost a little in the beginning and gained it back. I barely have a belly and it only seems to show when i bloating. I am such a pessimist. Everyone keeps saying to relax. I know the odds are w/ us now that we've had 12 week ultrasound and heard heart again last week at regular monthly appt. Waiting for the 26th for anatomy scan. I think i'll relax more then if it goes well. The 12 week ultrasound for me was miserable cuz we had scary NT results and ended up having CVS (with normal outcome). So i'm always just waiting for something to go wrong. But so far so good i guess.

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