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GD Test?

does anyone know if everyone gets this during preganancy and when it usually is? I just heard from a few friends how awful it was and some have asked if I had mine yet. I'm 21wks tomorrow, just curious if its coming up soon or not. TIA
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Re: GD Test?

  • I know, with my first and this one as well, I do the test at the 28 week appointment. It's not awful, but it's definitely not fun!
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  • Usually your doctor will schedule it around 28 weeks.

    Some people told me it was going to be so AWFUL, in reality it didn't bother me at all it is just time consuming. The drink did not bother me, to me it just tasted like an over sugared kool-aid. I had to take both the 1 hr and 3 hr (I was GD positive my 1st pregnancy). My advice, bring something to do, relax. It will be fine.

  • Thanks ladies, good to hear its not so awful :)
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  • Same as the pp's .. at about 28 weeks.

    I've done the test twice and the worst part is having to wait the hour after drinking to have the blood draw. It's just boring. The drink just tastes like Orange pop .. not bad at all. A little sweet on an empty stomach first thing in the morning but I didn't have any problem with it. You just have to sit for an hour after drinking it and wait to have your blood taken. Bring a book to keep you busy. It's really not that bad :)

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  • This is probably going to sound really silly but what is a GD test?
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    This is probably going to sound really silly but what is a GD test?

    It is the test for Gestational Diabetes.

  • I took my 1 hour this week.  And it was the most peaceful hour I had during working hours all week.  I drank the drink (wasn't bad at all tasted like hi-c) and sat and red a book for an hour then went back to the craziness of work. 
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  • As for the boredom, my office gives you the drink to take home at the 28 week appt or so and then you drink it and set a timer on your cell or whatever and show up at the office in time to have your blood drawn. That way you're not waiting around there. For the 3 hour I had to do it there but I had plenty of work to do (it was report card time) so it was fine. 

    For my first pregnancy I had morning sickness the whole time so the test was pretty awful because normally if I don't eat in the morning I throw up. Amazingly I didn't either time but I felt like it. Also, if you do end up doing the 3 hour pay attention to the baby's movements during each hour, it's fascinating. 

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  • i will have mine at the end of this month. they told me i can eat normally and gave me the drink to take home. i just have to drink it within the time proper time limit prior to my appointment. (i dont remeber the time limit, there are very detailed instructions on the side of my bottle) the drink doesnt look too bad, like the other posts say it just looks like kool-aide or fruit punch. this is my first time so i cant tell you what it tastes like but i'll let ya know.
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  • They told me between 24 and 28 weeks.

    How long did it take for you ladies to get your results?  It's been a week and a half and I haven't heard anything yet.  I was going to call yesterday and  completely forgot...

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