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Has this happened to anyone else???

I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else here. I had a miscarriage June 4 and how things happened I still can't believe. We went for a u/s at 5 weeks and everything looked great all my bloodwork was coming back perfect. June 3 I started to have some discharge and spotting so my doctor sent me to get an ultrasound. We saw a heartbeat of 110!!! Well the bleeding got heavier and I miscarried at 6 weeks on June 4. My doctor said that was normal but other people tell me that is not normal. Has anyone had a miscarriage 24 hours after seeing a heartbeat???

Re: Has this happened to anyone else???

  • Mine wasn't quite that quick but the normal spotting I had turned into bleeding two days after a perfect u/s with a hb and got pregressively heavier.  We had the loss officially confirmed by u/s one week after the good u/s and it looked like the baby had stopped developing just a day or two after my good u/s.
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  • I didn't start spotting till 6/15... had my 1st u/s "sneak peak" on 6/6.  We saw the sac, the baby and the nurse prac saw the HB.  I was told by my Dr, after my u/s that confirmed no HB, that the baby stopped developing either that same day or a couple days later.  Makes me so sad to think, I thought it was alive that entire week :(
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  • Our baby stopped developing a day or so after our ""good" ultrasound.


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  • I am so sorry for your loss.  We saw the hb of our 2nd baby on Nov 30th and then on December 8th, there was no heartbeat.  I do not know exactly when it lost it...but I can understand the disbelief you are feeling.  Again, I'm so sorry. 

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  • I had a perfect ultrasound at 5w5d, 10am- we measured the fetal pole (1 day ahead!) and saw a healthy heartbeat- the nurse declined to measure the rate because she didn't want us to worry if it was slow since it was so early (and if we didn't have a rate she could get me in for two ultrasounds a week instead of one- so she liked to wait until after 6weeks to write it down so patients got to enjoy one of the few perks of being infertile with a very hands on clinic). No spotting, nothing bad going on at all.

    5w6d, 9:30am I started cramping/bleeding heavily. We rushed back to the clinic and the nurse found the sac on ultrasound but it was hazy compared to the day before and we didn't try to get a fetal pole or heartbeat measurement. She thought that was encouraging and told me to elevate my feet, take an extra progesterone shot, and let her know around 1pm if anything changed. I called at 1 to let her know the bleeding had almost stopped- but I passed a very large clot. She told me to come in the next day for another ultrasound and bloodwork.

    6w0d 10am there was no gestational sac and my beta dropped dramatically. I'm fairly sure that it was over before my afternoon call the day before.

    I wouldn't say it's "normal". It's not something that we expect to happen. But my doctor said there was a 20% chance, give or take. I didn't know it was that high.

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  • I went from feeling her kick and being fine one day to going to a routine dr.'s appt. the next and not finding a heart beat.  So I know that punch-to-the-gut/out-of-nowhere/hit-you-like-a-ton-of-bricks feeling.  It's horrible.  I was so angry and upset and I kept asking my dr. why.  She said she didn't know but talked to me about options for testing.  That calmed me down a little bit.  It was nice to know that someone was committed to it as I was.  She was also visibly upset bc she felt so bad for me.
  • We heard a healthy 110hb at 6wk4days. (I was naive and thought since there was "less than 5% chance of losing the baby after you see the hb on an u/s" - I was in the clear. Foolish me.)  After having some bleeding, the u/s in ER got readings between 104-160. I miscarried the next day.

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  • image angelakh:

    Our baby stopped developing a day or so after our ""good" ultrasound.


    This. We had a missed m/c and did not find out until 2 weeks later though. Although we were measuring 10 days behind when we saw the hb

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  • I had an ultrasound at 8W5D and the baby had a great hb, and measured exactly on target. I foolishly thought I was in the clear but during my 10 week visit the baby had no hb.

    They were monitoring me every week because I lost a twin very early on, like 5 weeks. I honestly thought baby A was going to make it.


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  • We had a healthy u/s at 9 weeks with a heart beat of 144! I miscarried two days later.
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  • We had a heartbeat of ~100 at my checkup and spent 3-4 days waiting for it to either pick up or stop.  They can't and won't do a D&C while there is still a heartbeat because even if there is very little chance of things turning around they want to give your pregnancy every chance it can get it.

     I'm so sorry for your loss.  *hugs*

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  • My first miscarriage was like that. I was 9 weeks pregnant working in a bar and some drunk idiot picked me up and dropped me. I started getting cramps so I went to the ER and they found a heartbeat. I didn't think anything of it and when I went into my 12 week checkup, they found that the baby had been dead since week 9.

    With my third miscarriage, I went into my 8 week checkup and everything with the baby was fine but they found something in my bloodwork and wanted to do another test. I went in a few days later for something completely unrelated to the pregnancy, and found out that the baby was dead.

    I'm sorry for your loss- it's really hard when you see the heartbeat one day and its gone the next.

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