2nd Trimester

Opinion Please!!!

Ok so we are having our Anatomy scan on the 13th and as long as all goes well we are planning on announcing the gender to DH's side at the family reunion on the 22nd.  I had saw this balloon idea but wanted to get some opinions before we completely decide to do this.

 We are planning on getting some yellow balloons and in each balloon we will put a piece of paper in them saying something to the effect of " Boy/Girl? Keep popping!" or something clever.  But in one of the balloons we will put a piece of paper that says the gender; ie- a girl would be " Sugar Spice and Everything nice that is what our SWEET GIRL is made of!" and if it's a boy "Frogs Snails and Puppy dog tails that is what our BOY is made of!" 

 This this a cute idea or to over thought? We are announcing it at a reunion so we wanted something everyone could be involved with, DH's SIL just announced her gender by the cake idea so we don't want to announce that way. 



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