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Is this weird, or is it me? NBR

My birthday is today (yay). DH's bday is July 7th. We usually do something close to the 4th t celebrate both. My family always invites us over for dinner/cake. Up until last year, DH's family did the same. Last year they called and wanted to know when we were having our birthday dinner. Now if DH birthday was at a different time, I would definitely cook dinner, make a cake, invite everyone over. But we're celebrating my birthday too. I feel like I'm throwing myself a party. None of DH's other siblings invite us to their house for their birthdays, MIL usually hosts.

I don't need a bday party by any means, I am 27 years old. And to have to invite people to my house, cook and bake just doesn't seem right. DH thinks this is perfectly normal. I think it's weird, and I feel like we're throwing a party for ourselves.

Anyplusalso... If you were going to someone's house for their birthday, after you invited yourself, would you not at least bring a cake? Last year I was expected to get a cake too...

Am I nuts, or are they? lol

Anyone want to come to my partay?




Re: Is this weird, or is it me? NBR

  • My H's and my birthday are not anywhere near each other, but DD1 and I are a week apart. H and I feel the same way about our birthdays.  We don't want to spend money on our own birthdays, but H doesn't plan anything for me- no big deal, I would rather focus on DD1 during that time.  MIL still calls and wants to know what i am planning for my own birthday and she wants to know if she should bring anything- yeah, why don't you bring all the food and the cake because I am not going to throw myself a birthday party... we save all our energy and funds to throw the girls awesome parties.
  • Yes, that is weird. My birthday is August 5th and DH's is August 6th, and our families usually have a cookout and we will both get cards or something. DH and I will go out to dinner to celebrate on the night of the 5th. The only circumstances where I would throw a bday party, is if he was turing 30 or 40 and it was going to be a big celebration and I would consider this party to only be for him. I would not bake a cake and make food for a regular birthday for me and DH, that is weird!!
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  • Yes, that is a little weird. I can see helping out since it's your DH's birthday, too, but you shouldn't be expected to do it all. 
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