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which diapers for newborns?

I don't remember having issues with DS#1, but the BG and prefolds are HUGE on new LO.  Which diapers are best for tiny baby butts?
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Re: which diapers for newborns?

  • We use newborn sized prefolds from green mountain diapers and really like them.  I either use thirsties duo cover size 1 or a tweedle bugs XS cover (double gussets like thirsties but only 8.50 new.)

    I also use some GroVia AIO NBs, lil joeys, fuzzibunz XS and some WAHM ones I've gotten online.


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  • I agree with NB size prefolds, and bummis wraps.
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  • I used fb xs, nb prefolds, happy heiny...  the fuzzibunz xs were my favorite.  now they're too small and the smalls are a weebit too small.  :(


  • image Tayrusso:
    I agree with NB size prefolds, and bummis wraps.


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  • Our favorite when he was really new were GMD NB pfs with a combo of sized thirsties and bummis covers.  When his cord fell off we loooooved the Tots Bots Tiny Fits. Little Joeys and Gro Via AIOs did not work for us, although the GroVias were better than the Little Joeys.  The Little Joeys were the biggest waste of money in our stash, completely worthless as dipes (but sooooo cute!).  
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