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I can't wait to get over and done with!!!!

I'm 39 weeks pregnant. Depressing news, I haven't started to dilate or erase. I went heads over heals to get pregnant now I can't wait to get her out She weighs 7lbs now, Big girl IMO lol. But As we say better off having a healthy late baby than an early and sick one. Though the part where I haven't started dilating and all is very depressing and worrying the heck out of me. (First baby)

Re: I can't wait to get over and done with!!!!

  • When she is ready to make an entrance she will come. Most pregnancys for first time mothers go to 41 weeks. 40 weeks is just a estimate.

    Though I am not to keen on your "  But As we say better off having a healthy late baby than an early and sick one" I have plently of friends who have had early babies who are not sick. I have also had a few friends who went past 40 weeks and their babies had something wrong.

    I hope you get your wish soon.



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  • Hmm...a 7 pound baby isn't really BIG...Confused


  • This is your first post and I already see people jumping on you, so I thought I'd give you a friendly response so you aren't completely frightened away! 

    I know it can be frustrating to hear that you haven't made any progress, but that doesn't mean that labour isn't just on the horizon. You can go from 0 progress to labour in the blink of an eye, so not to worry. BTW, I think you mean dilate or efface not erase, and "head over heels" not heals. ;)

    Also, the PP's are correct, 7 pounds is not a big baby (My first was 9lb 10oz, now that's big!). Early or late your baby could be healthy or sick, I hope that she is healthy and comes right on time for you. 

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  • I'm done, too. I was really excited in the beginning, but now I'm ready to see my son & get my body back. But I still have about 8-10 weeks left. Well, I'm just going to try to enjoy this pg while it lasts b/c there is no guarantee that I'll be able to have another, as someone once said. I don't think 7 lbs is big. However, the average American baby used to be 6 lbs a long time ago, and America's obesity rates were lower, too way back when. Coincidence? IDK, just a thought :D  

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  • At least some of you know how big your baby is, I have no clue. This idiot doctor I go to won't tell me anything, won't even take a guess. Luckily, I only have two weeks to go. But my first LO was 7lbs 0.3oz at birth and she HURT LIKE HELL coming out! So, as some may say in their opinion 7lbs may not be big, it feels like 20lbs when you pushing it with no drugs..ugggh...good luck and just know it's almost over:)
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  • I'm there with you on wanting this over with. By the end, it's tough on the body and mind in so many ways. Waiting and wondering can make you crazy. Try to put the dilation and effacement issues out of your mind, because both can happen quickly and suddenly. Your baby WILL come out whether you dilate or not. The doctor won't let her stay in there too long. Soon enough, you'll be holding your LO in your arms :)
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