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Where to start.

Hey everyone,

Im going to be a single mother and i am 3 months pregnant. I just want some advice on where to start. Such as what to buy first, what things could i do to make my life a little easier. Sorry my question is so vague but i dont know what to ask because i dont know where to start.. kind of ironic lol..

Thank you! 

Re: Where to start.

  • You should start with establishing a good, strong support system. People in your family or your friends who you can count on for moral support. That's key.



  • what PP said.  Also i opened a separate savings account and started stashing all cash leftover after bills expenses ect. into it.  Dont be afraid to accept help from people.  You can get alot of good deals on baby supplies this way!  goodluck!!!
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  • Don't worry about buying tons of stuff the baby won't absolutely need. If you're on a really small budget, just worry about the necessities such as diapers and wipes (whether you choose disposable diapers or cloth diapers is up to you), things for feeding such as bottles and if you're planning on breastfeeding you will want to invest in a pump so you can store milk for when you return to work or leave the baby with a sitter. If you want to formula feed, you should sign up for Similac Strong Moms and Enfamil samples. I ended up getting like 6+ cans of formula in the mail, which helped. Bathtime kits are pretty cheap these days too.

    If you have extra money for things you might want such as a swing or bouncer, I would recommend getting a full size swing that plugs into an outlet so you're not going through batteries like crazy.

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  • Start freeing up your cash flow now.  Pay things off, sell things, and stop spending money any place you can.  The more you have saved, the more options you have.  

    As the others have said, there's very little you need to buy new so start looking for used things and put the word out to friends.  Maybe someone has a crib they'll give you, or a stroller or baby clothes.   

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