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I have been feeling fine all day and all of the sudden, I have been having cramping in my lower pelvic region.  I know that it can be normal in early pregnancy...  anyone else experiencing this?  It is scaring the crap out of me, especially since I have miscarried before.

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  • I have been expereincing the same thing and I am about 7-8 weeks pregnant! I notice that starts later in the day and initially feels like bloating, however as the night goes on the more painful it becomes. Especially when I sneeze!  I know your Uterus is stretching and changing and I am trying to stay positive.  I am going to talk to my doctor abou it for sure.  This is my first and have not miscarried before and that scares me too.
  • OMG I right here with you ladies...Its like even though everyone says cramping is normal during early pregnancy you can't help but freak out especially after I have had a previous m/c too:( I try to stay positive but my doc appt is July 8th and I will be bringing it up also...
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  • I am in the same boat, at about 6-8 weeks during night while im watching tv the cramps just go crazy! I felt the best laying down with my legs curled up a little. I was a little nervous, but since i did read that its normal i just tried to ignore it. My boobs are still killing me and i'm extremely tired so i think everything is just fine. I have my first ultra sound tomorrow so that will make me feel even better once we get to see whats going on in there! :)

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  • I have been having some cramping. It was way bad during week 4. I felt like my period was starting any second!! It has gotten better the further along I get though, but I still have that little pain once in awhile. It can be very unsettling :( Just try to stay positive and don't stress!!! Good luck!! 
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    Kell! <3

    I've been having some intermittent mild twinges/cramps as well. It's so hard to not be nervous! From what I understand, as long as your cramps aren't constant/severe/unbearable and accompanied by spotting, it's normal. Your ute needs to stretch itself out for that baby! :)

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  • I also have some cramping. When I sneeze it hurts. Also, if I get up fast from my bed or couch I get cramping.
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