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Moms on the 2nd or more pregnancy

Just wondering those on number 2 or more how close are your kids?  And how are you deeling with a little one and any symptoms like morn ing sickness if you have?   thanks I have a 1 year old and i am due with number two june 1st  sometimes feeling sick and trying to play with him stinks  but all worth it for sure

Re: Moms on the 2nd or more pregnancy

  • They will be 18.5 months.

    I had MS for 20 weeks and was on Zofran.

    I think this point is MORE exhausting with her at 16w and her neediness than being sick adn lethargic in the 1st Tri when she was 10-12 months old.

    Feel free to page me if you ever want to vent or ask, seems ours will be the same age difference.

    Oh and I got the Phil & ted Sport Double...

  • found out I was pregnant on dd's 1st birthday!! I think the first couple years will be super hard but then they will play together and things will get better!

    Just rest when you can....

  • I just got my bfp this morning and we are super excited!

    Mine will be 19 mos apart.  I didn't start feeling sick until about 6 weeks with DS and it lasted until about 10 or 11 weeks.  I"m dreading that part but I will just keep reminding myself that it will go away.  I felt great the entire rest of my pg after about 11 weeks so I'll just keep looking forward to that.  They say every pg is different, but I'm hoping it will be the same as my first pg.

    Good luck getting through this time!

  • Mine will be two years apart. My due date is actually only two days later than with my first. I have not had any sickness thus far but I'm still very early, only about 5 weeks so that could change. Like you said though, it is totally worth it.
  • DS will be 2yrs 5mths when #2 is born in May. I'm 9 wks and still dealing with sickness that makes the days miserable. I can't seem to get anything done around the house which is the most frustrating part. All I want to do is sleep or lay on the couch. I'm waiting for the day that I wake up and feel good again.?
  • Mine will be 2.5 years apart. ?I'm having a tough time right now because my nausea is so constant. ?Hopefully it'll get better sooner then later !


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  • If this one makes it to the due date, mine will be 23 months or so....so just about 2 years. 

    I keep forgetting I'm PG because DD is taking up a lot of mine.  DH gave me time to rest/nap when I was really early on.  I'm mostly feeling worse at work or in the evenings after DD has gone to bed.  So it hasn't been terrible....except lately when DH is sick.

  • If I happened to go into labor 3 days late my kids would be exactly 2.5 years apart

    It's rough dealing with m/s and a toddler. thankfully my DD plays well on her own, and my DH is around in the evenings to help me out. but there are times that she just wants to be held by me and only me. I love it, but it's hard!

  • My first and second are 2.5 years apart, the 2nd and 3rd will be 18 months apart.

     It's gonna be a little crazy in my house for a while!

  • DS and the baby will be almost 3 years apart. I am just deeling with the sickness. DS and I will play while I lay on the couch, he brings his toys to me and then plays on the floor while we talk. This is the first day I actually got sick so I am sure the best is yet to come!! I really think the age difference between them is going to work out nicely for our family.
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  • Mine will be 15 months apart. I am due in May, but I know I will go in April because I have high-blood pressure. Last pregnancy I made it to 37 weeks, I will be lucky if I can do that again for this pregnancy.
  • Mine will be 22 months apart.  I feel nauseous at times, but usually eating something puts an end to it.  My current issue is the nasty cold/congestion I have.  Yikes...I fell awful because of it. Sad
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  • image Aug Bride:
    Mine will be 8 years apart. 


    Wow, Aug Bride! You've got me beat! Big Smile

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  • mine will be about 20 months apart. I didn't have much m/s, but my exhaustion was impossible. without DH I don't know what I would've done. plus I was sick for 2 weeks with a nasty cold. DH literally took over all the cooking, cleaning & most of the DS duties. it helps that DS plays pretty well on his own- he just likes us in the same room.

    I'm sure May will start a whole new meaning of the word crazy in our house (in addition to the obviousness of a newborn & a 20 month old, DH coaches High School baseball and DC #2 is due during tournament time!).  we'll deal with it when it comes. teamwork is the name of the game for our family.

  • Mine will be 26 months apart. I was fortunate and only had about five days of queasiness, but I do get pretty tired and that can get really hard. Thankfully DD can play independently and I can just lay on the couch whle she plays and watch her if I'm home alone with her. Fortunately, my DH is home on the weekends, so I get to escape to my bed and take a nap for a couple of hours whenever I need to. He is really helpful all the time, so it's great.
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  • My oldest son will be 2 1/2 in Dec. and my youngest son will be turning 1 at the end of Nov. So, they are just about 18 months appart and then my youngest and this baby will be about 19 months appart. I have let my 2 yr old know about the baby, he actually told me I had a baby in my belly the day before I found out I was pregnant, and he is just a sweetie. When I am feeling really sick I tell him the baby is making mommies tummy hurt right now, and he tells me to lay down and rest :). And since then he asks me every morning if my tummy still hurts. Of course my 11 month old is totally oblivious.
  • My guys will be 18 months apart. I haven't been sick this time around. YAY! Or I haven't had the time to notice that I wasn't feeling well. :-)

    I think the first couple of years are going to be tough but so worth it to have them close in age. We are only having two so this is it for us. DS #1 is the best and I can already tell he is going to be a great big brother. 

  • Mine will be 4 years 3 months apart.  I am not really struggling with DD.  I am having a hard time with work.  I never wished so bad to be a SAHM before.  I would just like to be able to pee on demand and take a nap when DD naps.  I run around like a chicken with my head cut off all day and feel like crap doing it but I don't get a break at all unless you count my 28 minute lunch.  I really wish I had chosen a different career besides teaching because dealing with 30 kids and wanting to vomit/pass out is a PITA. 
  • I have a 15mo old and a 4mo old.  I also have severe HG and throw up multiple times a day and I'm loaded up on a bunch of different medications. 

    Nightmare....that's all I have to say. 

    But, I'm REALLY sick.....usually end up in the hospital and, eventually, have an IV at home.  Not typical.

  • DaisyAdair, I thought I was going to be one busy mama but I think you have me beat!Wink How amazing though to go through IVF with your oldest and then get 2 wonderful surprises. (saw your siggy) Congrats to you! Sorry you get so sick, that would be so hard...I can't even imagine. Good luck to you!
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