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Anyone running still?

I am just about 36 weeks and still running about 3 miles 6 days a week but starting to feel like its taking a toll!!! Anyone else still running and how do you feel?



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Re: Anyone running still?

  • You go, girl!  I'm not running, but still doing about 40 mins of cardio (elliptical) 3-4 times a week.

    Doctor said to watch my heartrate (keep it below 140 bpm) and listen to my body, so I'd offer the same advice to you!

    Keep up the great work!

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  • Kudos to you, sista.  I haven't run in ages!  I have enough trouble with walking these days.  I can't wait to pop this baby out so I can get back on the road!
  • I don't even know how that's possible! lol

    i can barely walk the block without needing to sit!

  • image HappyKlamb10:
    Kudos to you, sista.  I haven't run in ages!  I have enough trouble with walking these days.  I can't wait to pop this baby out so I can get back on the road!

    Ditto this.

    Last time I ran was at about 28 weeks- it was just too painful, even with a support belt. I'm nervous for how out of it I'll be once I start back up, so good for you that you've been able to hold on for so long! I definitely miss it... especially on these beautiful mornings. Sigh.

  • That is awesome!  I can..but can't...if that makes sense lol  I can still do it, but I have the urge to pee the ENTIRE time I run so I just stopped at 25 weeks bc I couldn't take that feeling anymore.  Now I just walk, which is boring.  Try and do it for as long as you can!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
  • You are awesome lady!  I say kudos to you if it still works for you.  Definitely listen to your body though & if you are feeling uncomfortable maybe try to mix it up a bit eg perhaps try the elliptical - lesser impact so gentler on your joints & not as jarring as running plus you still work up a decent sweat!

    I went all out in May & finished my running for now by doing a 1/2 marathon & have not run since (think I was about 24 weeks along)  I miss it but its just too uncomfortable for me now.  Instead I am doing some cardio most days either walking on the tread at a brisk clip or elliptical for about 30-40 mins & lots of yoga & stretching!

  • I ran up until 6 months, but then took a spill and in scared the heck out of me. Since then I have been powerwalking and free weights. I may jump back into spinning maybe once a week, but love being outside (early AM) right now. You're lucky! I must have the clumsy PG symptom! I will tell you, I can't wait until I can run again and work up a good sweat! :)

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  • I've been lucky....I was able to run my typical 4 miles a day, 6 days a week this entire pregnancy.   Had to take off a few days here and there because of sciatica, but never really experienced other issues (well, besides the pee feeling!). 

    Right around 32 weeks I had to start walking once in a while during my run.  My belly started getting little cramps so I would stop and walk until they went away.  

    Now (almost 35 weeks) I've really slowed my pace and walk every 10 minutes or so, but still go about 3.5 miles each morning. 

    Not sure how much longer I'll be able to jog....my belly just feels so big!  It's not jiggling around or anything, just very heavy!   

    This may sound ridiculous, but my dog keeps me motivated.  She is so excited to go running every morning that it's just become a habit.  If I didn't go first thing in the morning I doubt I would every go!

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  • I'm a few weeks behind you, but I'm still running!  Six miles a day Monday-Thursday and about 8 miles on Saturdays.  I'm just starting to feel a little weighed down, so I'm not sure how much longer I'll remain comfortable.  I've also started to notice a little cramping in my lower abdomen, but other than that, I'm still getting out there.  Taking it one day and one mile at a time.  My husband and I run together (thank goodness for the extra motivation) and I'm not quite ready to give up that quality time.  I know once the baby arrives we'll have to take turns working out. 

    I hope I can make it to 36 weeks!  Kuddos to you!!

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  • You'll find some ladies running still if you post this on the health and exercise board.  I ran until ~30 wks then it wasn't feeling good anymore and switched.  Since the belly dropped a few weeks ago, I've actually done some interval training on the treadmill a few times and that felt good.  I would like to run but don't think I'm going to really try it at this point.  I'll stick to the other cardio until after LO arrives.  Good luck and good job!

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  • Running? Nope, walking is a workout enough for me if my sciatica is not acting up.
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