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Small vent

So for the past couple of weeks after each appointment my doctor tells me she'll call me to let me know if I'll be seeing her or the other doctor in the practice (she wants me to meet the other doctor in case she is the one to deliver the baby). So, each week I wait and wait for her to call and she never does. So I just end up calling and making an appointment with her. She makes me wait so long that my weekly appointment has been made for 3 weeks later instead because she doesn't know how to call anyone. It's very frusterating. I should've figured it would happen again and just scheduled my next appointment before I left the office at my last one. I think these stupid doctors take on too many patients at once and make it hard for us to be seen properly throughout our pregnancies. It's ridiculous. Ok I'm done, thanks for listening.

Re: Small vent

  • I hate doctors thinking they can do whatever they want too! Yes I bet they are probably busy, but still on an individual level its eff'ing annoying!! Angry


  • My doctor's office never lets me leave until I schedule my next visit. I suggest you make this a permanent practice so you don't have to wait. Can't you schedule an appt with the other doctor while you are there at your next appt? Take control :)
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  • I agree with the PP. Maybe you can make sure that they schedule you before you leave your appointment. That's what my doc's office does.
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  • I usually do schedule my next appointment before I leave but my doctor told me she wanted to talk to the other doctor to try to fit me in and she'd let me know. I understand that they're busy and everything but they relly shouldn't take on so many patients if they don't have the proper time for them. I was supposed to have the Group B Strep test done at my next appointment and so that will have to wait an extra week and a half. I've also been thinking, what happens if I go into labor before then? It's possible, I will be almost 39 weeks by my next appointment. I don't know, I just get more worried about things when I'm not being seen as often as I should be. I'm just frustrated. Thanks ladies for listening.
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