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LO not sleeping?

Background: My son will be 2 years at the end of September and he was a BF baby until 6 months ago. So up until that time we did co-sleep halfway thru the night. But in about March he finally transition into his own bed completely and has been sleeping thru the night like a champ.

 However recently, we are going on a week now, he is getting up in the middle of the night again and it is turning into a battle of the strongest to go back down. I check everything is he wet, is he thirst, does he not feel well, did he get scared. I come up with nothing. He calms down if I give in and bring him back to our bed or if i sleep on his floor.

So my question is has anyone else experienced this? Is it just a phase? Does anyone else have any other ideas of what else could be wrong that I might be missing?


Re: LO not sleeping?

  • My son is still BF and we have both brought him to our bed and put him back in his on different nights throughout his life. About a week ago he went through a phase (several nights in a row, for almost a week) where he would wake up around 1 and be full of energy, want to play etc for several hours. I would try to put him back to sleep for a while but it was fruitless so we gave up and let him play and he eventually went back to sleep around 4 or 5. It was hell. However, it was just a phase. He's back to his normal sleep habits now. Maybe that's all yours is too?
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