Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

Gerber Rebate Forms

does anybody have any of these....where do you get them?

i see ppl talking about them, but ive searched all over and can't find them 

Re: Gerber Rebate Forms

  • what kind of gerber rebate?  i've found rebates on gerber food at the grocery store - mainly toddler food & yogurt. you have to look for the "try me free" tag on the product as there are no printable gerber rebates available online.
  • ppl have forms that you fill out and mail in with 20 upc's and you get coupon booklets in the mail/...they are always on the swap spot....someone told me today that they got them from the dr office
  • oh, yes now i know what you're talking about.  i have gotten one of those in the mail from gerber, along with other various coupons.  have you signed up on the gerber website for coupons or called gerber? they have really good customer service. i hope you find them.
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