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Calling all runners...

I'm looking to purchase a jogging Stroller to start running with dd to get back into shape. The problem is I've never run and can't do it for long. Any suggestions for a beginner? Tia!
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Re: Calling all runners...

  • I have the baby trend jogger and am very happy with it.  It was our only stroller for Drew (now we added a sit and stand since we've got two kiddos).  We used that stroller for everything.  You do have to lock the front wheel when you're running or it will start to wobble.  That means you can't turn quite as sharply, but who needs to make sharp turns when they are running anyway?  Not me!

    Honestly, I don't think it makes a big difference that you're a beginner (in terms of which stroller to get).  The only thing to consider is to possibly look for a somewhat lighter stroller.  The bulkier and heavier ones (like the Jeep one my friend has) are harder to push.  Ultimately, the heavier one gives you a better workout, but it's enough of a work out just to start running - I don't think you need the extra challenge of a super heavy stroller.


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  • I don't have a jogging stroller yet, but I remember reading in Baby Bargains you can't use them right away jogging, but a friend of mine told me hers can be used with a 3-month-old. I haven't researched it, but just something to keep in mind when you are looking.
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  • I have a BOB. You can't jog with it until LO is 6 months so for now I just use it like a normal stroller with the infant adaptor bar. It's an awesome stroller, though.
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  • I also have the BOB and love it!

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  • I run with the BOB Revolution and LO in the carseat.  I stick to smooth terrain and have had no problems- we love it!  We've been doing this since 4 weeks.
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  • I have a babytrend expedition stroller but it is a double. I have used it for jogging with just DS1 and so far I love it. I don't run very far so I can't justify spending the money on a BOB right now. As far as starting running, I highly recommend looking into couch to 5k. I am currently in week 5 and it's a great program.
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  • image virginiagirl11:
    I have a BOB. You can't jog with it until LO is 6 months so for now I just use it like a normal stroller with the infant adaptor bar. It's an awesome stroller, though.


  • I heard the jeep jogger is a good buy for beginners, but I'm in love with my baby jogger I got with LO #1!  It's also great for the zoo and I can attach a riding board to it for my DS (who is now 4).  Although, I'm contimplating getting a double.  I have the performance series jogger, however, my only regret is getting a jogger that doesn't have a swivel wheel that can lock. Mine doesn't swivel at all. 
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  • My pedi was OK with us running together after 2 months, as long as he had good head control in the stroller.

    I couldn't justify the expense of the BOB and after reading countless reviews, I got the InStep Grand Safari. I figured if I found that we used it a lot, I could splurge for a pricier one. It is light weight, has a swivel/lock, a mini mp3 speaker, and it reclines pretty far back. I added a boppy head positioner to it because I was still nervous about DS's head control. 

    So far, it has been great and he seems to like it. 

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  • I have the Baby Trend Expedition and love it!  It was a pretty good price for the stroller-car seat combo.  As PP said, I have to wait a little bit to actually jog with it, but it's been great on walks. 

    Some good resources for running:  mapmyrun.com and runnersworld.com.  Good luck! :) 

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