2nd Trimester

Pelvic Pain

Okay so I have been having some pain and swelling on top left side of my vagina.  Kind of like my super lower abdomen region. My practitioner is pretty sure that it is a varicose vein.  I can't see a vein protruding, but I can feel it under the skin.  My question is...if you have had this problem what did you do for the pain and discomfort, and do you know of anything that I can do to keep it from getting worse.

Re: Pelvic Pain

  • Some girls and I were actually talking about this today at a baby shower. My friend was asking why she might be having pelvic pain and someone else said it was probably a varicose vain. The only thing I really know about it is that sometimes they don't go away. I would do some research on the internet. Sorry I don't know more about it! What did your doctor say about the pain? He/she would probably have some ideas on how to prevent them from getting worse. Good luck!
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