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So have anyone started joining mommy groups? What are you doing to get out of the house and have fun?

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  • We are hardly home!!!

    Avery and myself go to a mom and baby group at the hospital on Tuesdays for a few hours. I send Addy to the sitters for a few days of the week so that I can rest. The rest of the days are spent at the park or pool! 

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  • We go to a mommy group on Wednesday mornings at a drop-in parenting centre.  It's only a ten minute walk from home so I use it as a chance to get a short walk in, get to know a few other moms, and as a nice added bonus, the drop in centre provides free lunch. 

    Other than that I haven't done much for fun out of the house, sadly.  It'll happen soon I'm sure.  

  • I started going to a mom's group when my son was about 8 weeks old.  It was the best thing I ever did for myself post partum.  It was so great to have something to look forward to every week to get myself out of the house and hear what other moms were going through so I knew I wasn't alone.  I really want to be able to go again with this lo on the way, but I think it's going to be tough because I won't have someone to reliably watch my toddler.
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  • We have been to quite a few. We did a 5 week baby massage course, go to music time at the library once or twice a week, meet up informally once a week for coffee with the moms/babies from childbirth class, and are currently doing a 6 week postnatal group. There's a weekly playgroup we will begin to go once the potsnatal group has finished and I think we will start a baby yoga class in another month or two. 
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