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I am back after a long hiatus to ask-teething

Does anyone else want to jump off a cliff? C has started teething. I can deal with a little fussiness and the constant drooling, but he has seriously only slept for three 45 minute stretches since 2 am this morning. It is now almost 8 pm and I put him down for bed at 7... he's still awake. Oh, and when he's awake, he's screaming if I'm not holding him or constantly entertaining him. I am going to sell him. Is it illegal to sell children on Craig's list? Crying
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Re: I am back after a long hiatus to ask-teething

  • Sounds like our little guys are going through the same thing....

    Im not blaming it entirely on teething though. Im thinking its a bit of the 4 month wakeful...

  • Teething depreciates your value. Wait until these pop through and then trade him in for a model that already has teeth. If not, you could always try boarding preschool. I hear the wait list for four months to a year is highly competitive.


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  • OMFFFFG, yes.

    He had an appt with the ped yesterday for a follow up on his milk intolerance dx and I mentioned that i can see a little hole in his bottom gum. She looked at it and said, "Yep, looks like something it happening. But you might not feel anything for up to two more months..."

    Cut to yesterday afternoon. He grabbed my finger to gnaw on it and I felt something sharp. About half an hour after that, all hell broke loose. Last night he slept from 7-7:30 and then was awake for three hours, during which there was screaming, gagging, vomiting, kicking me in the incision and stretching my nipples out with his gums as far as they could go (because this is all my fault?) and tonight was much of the same :( I feel absolutely rotten for him. He's asleep now (finally) and I am drinking.

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  • OMG!  I am in the SAME boat!  he WILL NOT sleep.  He's a screaming, drooling, fussy, crazy man! And, he's eating like a horse.  So I've decided this must be the 6month growth spurt plus teething...ugh.  Good Luck to you! Here's hoping that we all get some sleep!!
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