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About how often does your LO poop?

I'm just curious:

1. How often does LO poop?

2.  Are they BF (or EP) or FF?  Not sure if there's any connection between food and poop?

My DS is BF and lately he's only been pooping once a week.  I think this is still normal, but I don't know at what point I should do something, like give him prune juice. 

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Re: About how often does your LO poop?

  • Molls poops once a day she has always pooped once a day sometimes twice when she got breast milk. Now she gets formula and solids, we almost always get one poo a day. If we don't she gets some prunes the following morning or some juice and water mix. She hasn't need either for about a month now I think, she's been pretty regular.
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  • Once a week. Mostly BF with some formula. We were concerned, but ped says it's normal. We tried prune juice once. I didn't realize it was possible to poop into your own hair. I will not be giving prune juice again :)
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  • 2x a week lately but we just started solids and I've been giving a prune/pear/oatmeal mix and that results In a daily poo. He is bf... Don't do juice until you talk with your pedi if he becomes constipated or has painful bm's. Even then it's a juice/water mix. We do 1 oz juice to 3'oz water as needed.


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  • C poops once a day, always around the same time.  Between 9 and 10 in the morning.  He is breastfed.  I was told that BF babies can go up to ten days without pooping before it's a problem. 
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  • DD goes once a day usually, but it has been 2 days since her last.  She's known to skip a whole week at least once a month.  Pedi says it's normal for that to happen because she's BF, just so long as her tummy isn't hard and she's not in pain/discomfort (more than normal gas).
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  • Before cereal, LO would poop about once a day sometimes every other day. Since cereal, he poops twice, sometimes 3 times a day. We also give him an ounce of apple juice and 2 oz of water daily for constipation. Pedi told us to continue juice since it's part of his routine now.
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  • DD

    2-3 times a week, EBF



    BF and then switched over to FF. He went many times a day. it was always just poop toots, but I had to change him alot in the first few months. once he was on formula he went a couple times a day.


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  • DS sometimes goes every day, and other times close to a week (6 days was his longest) without going.  He is EBF.

    The first time he went 5 days without going he was extremely uncomfortable and we called the pedi who had us use a glycerin suppository to relieve him and we were then told to give him prune or pear juice (2 oz. juice to 1 oz. water) once a day to keep him regular.  Pear juice tastes better to most babies and is equally effective as prune.  That worked like a charm - it actually worked a little too well and he soon started going a LOT, so I cut back on the juice. Now I only give it to him if it's been a couple days. 

    We were told going forward to only use the suppositories if he goes about a week and is uncomfortable because if you use them too often they can start to depend on them. Occasionally if it's only been a few days and he's really aggravated I will give him one, but I do it seldom enough that he will become dependent on them.

    I think the main factor is how uncomfortable/upset he gets because of it. I don't think you're supposed to let them go more than 7-8 days, though. It's crazy that even that long is considered normal but apparently it is. If you're going to use juice I probably wouldn't wait until it's already been a week because I'm not sure how effective it would be.  Good luck!

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  • About every 3-4 days.  She's FF.
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