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37 weeks pregnant and beyond ready for this baby!!!!!!

ill be 38 weeks on wend and i just wish he would come already!!! Im still working full time and will be up until i go into labor. i only get 6 weeks off work and i went to spend every second of it with my baby boy! I have not enjoyed being pregnant. i understand that everyones experiences are different but honestly.. mine sucked. and im ready for him to be here and to feel a little bit normal again. it hurts to sit.. it hurts to walk.. it hurts to sleep..and i started having contractions today just for them to stop :( What a dissapointment. Im tired, im irritable, im frustrated and my hubby refuses to do anything to help me go into labor (sex, going on walks, ect) bc he says "we need all the time we can get". hes more nervous about this then me but i just really want to slap him haha i know thats horrible but if he could just for once second feel how i feel maybe he would understand! My pelvic and hip bones feel as if they are going to shatter under the pressure and my feet hurt so bad i can barely walk! even my toes are swollen!!!! and if one more person tells me that ill probably be overdue i just might scream. I KNOW that theres a chance of that! do i want to hear that?! NO. Please someone tell me they feel the same way and im not a horrible mom for hating being pregnant :(

Re: 37 weeks pregnant and beyond ready for this baby!!!!!!

  • You are not alone! I have hated being pregnant each time and for some reason I am doing it a 3rd time!!! How crazy is that? This is the LAST time for sure :)

    I could go on and on about what a miracle it is or you are almost done or just wait, it is totally worth it, etc etc...but I won't do that :)

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  • haha. i know every second of this will be totally worth it, im just frustrated and wishing he would make his appearance already.
  • well i dont want to make you scream so i will just be quiet Stick out tongue
  • I feel ya! I'm 36 weeks and completely miserable too! Just keep telling myself....imagine how good I will feel in 6 weeks! (yes I know I'm only 4 weeks away- but all the pain and swelling will be gone!) That's my little light I try to focus on every day! Hope you can find a little light too :)
  • I second all of this!!! Back hurts, heartburn, pelvic and groin pain, I can go on and on but I'll just stop and say I'm ready1
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  • I've had a rough pregnancy as well, I definitely understand.  I am only 30 weeks and already uncomfortable and everyone keeps saying "Just wait til you're (fill in a number) weeks!"   So, to keep myself from going crazy, I'm continuing to tell myself 2 things:

    1) I am going to be 2 weeks late (that way, when I'm NOT, I'll be pleasantly surprised!)

    2) The longer the baby waits, the more developed and equipped for the world he'll be! And that's reason enough for me.

    Good Luck, you can do it! :)

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  • image whitley89:

    My pelvic and hip bones feel as if they are going to shatter under the pressure and my feet hurt so bad i can barely walk! even my toes are swollen!!!!

    Yeah, gotta love my sausage toes.  :) I've had a great pregnancy, but....still can't wait for it to be over! You are NOT a bad mom! :) 

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  • Aww dont feel bad. I feel the EXACT same way. I am 36 weeks and I"m sooooo ready for this to be over. This is my first pregnancy and it has sucked!

    I'm always in pain or uncomfortable and I'm SICK of ppl telling me "your first child usually comes late!"...If she comes late I dunno what I'm gonna do! Just be depressed I guess ...

    We are almost there tho. So try to look at it that way. At least we arent at the beginning stages anymore, cuz that was the worst! ugh..

    Good Luck

  • If it makes you feel better, 1st babies arent always over due.  I had my first at 37 weeks...and I have quite a few friends that have had thiers before their due date too... I feel your pain, I am in SO much pain this pregnancy, I have started having contractions, but very SLOW progress, which for my gestation is a good thing, but at the same time I had a perfectly healthy 7lb baby at 37 weeks last time, and it makes it hard to imagine the real posibility of 4 more weeks of pregnancy.
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  • im 37 weeks too, with my first  - full term and fully over it! lol...i can't get comfortable anywhere and my feet, omg my feet...when do you call your doc about your swollen feet!? its ridiculous!

    even thinking that i may have more than 3 weeks to go is just nauseating...doc has told me head is in perfect position so im doing a lot of walking - and i have 35 stairs up to my apartment! i hope this helps to get the dilation going! my hubby is helping out too ;) even been eating a little bit extra spicy food! we are ready!! sooooo ready for the pregnant part of a new family to be over, ive been pretty miserable

     good luck to you! i hope your little one makes an early appearance!  

  • I am right there with you. Although, I am 39 weeks and 4 days! I know you don't want to hear that. I am sooooo done! I am experincing all the same things you are(including husband). Although, I am trying to remember that I am a bit hormonal and irritable. I just keep taking it day by day...the only thing that keeps me going is knowing that the outcome will be so worth it. You can do it! :)
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