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Pediatrician question

So...  if your pedi

1) recommended pedialyte instead of formula in the hospital to supplement your newborn with because she wasn't gaining weight.  

2) when you showed him thrush in YOUR mouth (from the antibiotics and c-section)  he said he'd never seen thrush in an adult in 22 years.  

3) his nurses recommended using dial or lever soap on newborns face for baby acne.  

would you feel uncomfortable?  He has been a good doctor for my son...  and none of that was all that detrimental, certainly not life threatening.  Would you switch pedi's?  

DH is not concerned and says that this doc has been good for our son...  but if I am all that uncomfortable then we can switch.  New doc is not as convenient but is closer to Cooks Children's hospital.  

Re: Pediatrician question

  • I say trust your gut! If you want to switch then switch.

    I thought that #1 was weird but it could have just been because I have never heard of it. Definitely not something my pedi suggested when Abby was having weight gain issues. 

    My SIL had thrush pretty bad last month. I didn't think that it was that unusual. Technically I guess it could be that long since the pedi has seen it in an adult since he only sees kids : P 

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  • thank you.  :-) 

    not sure what to do.  have a 2 month appt I need to schedule.  

  • Definitely unusual, particularly #1.  I think that one would make me have a lot of questions, since I can't see how Pedialyte would help with weight gain in the slightest.  And if you're at all uncomfortable, trust your mama-instinct and switch.
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  • I am not sure if any of the above are "fireable" or not, but If you will be continually questioning what he says to you from now on, it is worth it to switch.
  • Can you talk to him about why you are uncomfortable?  Maybe his explanation of why he wanted to use Pedialyte instead would make you feel better about it.

    My doc is very old school, so some of the stuff he recommends for Collin, I kind of take with a grain of salt.  For example, he said he had to have rice cereal first for at least a week.  I gave him avocado instead.

    I don't think the soap thing is unusual.  Both of my kids have had skin issues.  Abbie had baby acne and cradle cap very bad and the only thing I could use for her was regular soap and head and shoulders.

    I thought Collin had baby acne too, but it turned out to be eczema.  I wash him with regular 'ol Dove.  His doc said even the baby natural stuff is bad.  He said if it's sold in the baby aisle - don't use it.  I use the regular, non-scented Dove for Sensitive Skin to wash him.

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  • They would all seem a little off to me. I still only wash Tracey's face with water, and baby acne is going to clear up eventually. There's no need to treat it with harsh soaps, but of course unless the nurse is forcing you to use the soap right then and there, then it wouldn't be the main reason for me to leave. 

    If you think there's another doctor out there who wouldn't give you these same feelings, then I would switch.  


  • I think you know that Jenna had weight issues. NEVER did my doctor or gastro-doctor person recommend that I feed her pedialyte. hmmm. not saying it's a deal breaker, just odd.

    My doctor said to stick another feeding in there. but alas, my DD was a SS since she was allergic to milk protein so I was essentially HURTING her by nursing her and eating stuff that had milk in it. =(

    i would try the dial thing out just because he recommended it. My deal breakers are more along the line of if I tried it and it just didn't work and they kept insisting I do it. If you don't like the pedialyte deal, (and I don't, personally) then don't give it to her. you're her mom.

    We had a pedi that kept telling me Michael wasn't talking because he was a "cute baby" and "people give in to cute babies, so why should he talk?" oy. I was livid. how about we focus on the fact that he's had 9 ear infections in 6 months. I kept asking him if we needed to take him to an ENT, he said no. we eventaully did, and the ENT was upset we waited so long (2 1/2 years old). poor kid is now in speech trying to catch up. =( THAT WAS A DEAL BREAKER! STUPID PEDI.

  • If you have doubt, switch.  I disagree with my pedi on some things, but not enough to switch.  He thinks kids as young as C can't get allergies, I don't agree.  I finally just started giving C Zyrtec and he's def better, IMO.

    The first one bothers me.  The second one is a little odd, but I would just call my OB.  The third...probably an OWT and I wouldn't think much of it.

  • 1) recommended pedialyte instead of formula in the hospital to supplement your newborn with because she wasn't gaining weight.  Ummm....please check out their FAQ page. It specifically says it isn't nutritionally complete nor has enough calories to be a sole source of food. it's lower in calories than formula and certainly wouldn't help with the gaining of weight!


    2) when you showed him thrush in YOUR mouth (from the antibiotics and c-section)  he said he'd never seen thrush in an adult in 22 years.  He normally treats infants/children, that isn't that strange an answer.

    3) his nurses recommended using dial or lever soap on newborns face for baby acne.  I'd question the crap out of them and then ignore them. Both are way to harsh for any part of a baby,let alone the facial skin with the potential of getting in LO's eyes. Not to mention drying it out like crazy. Baby acne usually clears up on it's own. Just wash it with a warm wash cloth and if you feel the need to push something on it, use a little mild baby soap or shampoo.


    I hope that helps some. Personally, I'd change doctors.Just based on your questions, I"d surmise that your pedi is an older doctor that is rather stuck in the past of what was taught when he went through med school. It's sounds like he's has not stayed current with that is now deemed appropriate or correct..
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  • 1) Might be reasonable; they gave my second son sugar water in the NICU; however, they really encouraged me to get him some breastmilk; I'm not sure

    2) I had thrush at 37. So, there is that. My doctor and my dentist did not make it out to be something they've never seen. My doc only worried because I had shingles before that and had me run blood tests. Our pedi didn't think the thrush was odd, either. She just was worried, like my doc, about my overall health. I got everything checked and I was technically fine, just stressed.

    3) Someone's doc recommended using a little Head and Shoulders on the head to relieve the face acne/cradle cap; worked well. Maybe the other suggestion works too?


    It is always ok to change doctors, because you're not comfortable. 

  • I say it's time for a new pedi. My pedi diagnosed DD and me with thrush and told me to call my OB and take a few steps to help.  He's a very laid back guy, but he realized how uncomfortable it can be and took the correct measures. 

    the soap thing...I've heard of it...helps it dry up the acne.  I guess it's not any different for me than using head and shoulders on Amelia's head to clear up cradle cap (only took 1 application).

    Ummmm as far as pedialyte.  Who the heck cares if your baby gains weight in the hospital, they're not supposed to.  They're shedding water weight and they're supposed to lose weight before they gain.  If they're not back to birth weight by 2 weeks then there's some concern, but they might recommend formula over BM if that's the case.  Never heard of pedialyte.  ODD! 

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    I would switch, mainly because I switched when I found things I fundamentally disagreed with my old pedi about.  It was such a great change and the pedi that sees F now is amazing.  She is a mom herself and really goes the extra mile, plus she has generally the same mindset as we do. 
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  • Just wondering if he recommended the pedilyte b/c you were breastfeeding and didn't want to give her formula and possibly make BFing harder.  Yes, I know it won't help with the weight gain but if the weight gain was just slow and not "life threatening" I personally would not want formula if it would interfere with the BFing.
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  • Im a little late answering this....

    For me if i even have to question what the doctor tells me I would switch. You are obviously not comfortable or you wouldn't be asking us. There are so many doctors that you should try out other and pick the one thats best for you and your LO. And you might not like the next one you try so then try someone else. I know it sucks to switch doctors and go through the whole process but they are going to be your kids doctor for a long time so you might as well pick one you really like :) Hope that helps!

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