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Would you be team green next time?

I can't believe I am even THINKING of child number two (very far in the future I hope) but I have been considering next time not finding out the gender ahead of time. I really wanted to know for this baby so we could get prepared but now that we know what is in store and we already have a lot of gender neutral clothes from DS, I think it might be fun and exciting to not know until the birth. My husband thinks I am crazy. If you are considering more kids would you find out and did you find out the first time?

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The bumpie formerly known as First Time in MI

Re: Would you be team green next time?

  • All of O's 0-3 clothes are GN, and I saved them all. I wanted to be team green this time around, but the ultrasound tech. killed that dream.. but I'm over it. Now I think I'd be way too curious. I'd want to know.... I think? Hmn.. Maybe it'll depend on the day. hahaha!
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  • There is no way I could wait. But DH and I have agreed that once we have one of each gender we will wait to find out what the next one is.
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  • Not a chance!  Aside from the planning for boy vs. girl, I don't like surprises.
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  • image becky2v:
    Not a chance!  Aside from the planning for boy vs. girl, I don't like surprises.

    I know, neither do I, as a kid I would always secretly slide open then reseal my presents so I could see what they were and I really haven't gained that much patience in 29 years. I think I have "oh my it's a **insert gender**" envy of those who waited.


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    The bumpie formerly known as First Time in MI
  • I am not sure... I would like to know so I could be prepared, but truly being surprised is kind of tempting too.  Hopefully the tech can't tell and that will force me to go team green. lol  With this LO we found out but didn't tell anyone his name.  That way there was still that surprise element once everyone got to the hospital. 


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  • Definitely! We were team green with our DD. We really went back and forth about whether or not we should find out, but we didn't. We both kinda suspected a boy, so DD was a wonderful surprise! It was so awesome to not know.

    I knew that I wanted to experience not finding out at least once, and it made since for us this time, I think. We live in a one-bedroom apartment, so we didn't have a nursery to set up/plan for. We wanted all the big stuff (carseat, swing, etc.) to be gender neutral anyway, so clothes were the only issue for us. And, it turned out to be a complete non-issue. My SIL would have shared my nephew's clothes with us, and it turned out that her sister shared her baby girl's things with us. So, DD has always had plenty of girl clothes.

    Before she was born, I thought I'd want to find out with future children. But, now I think I never will want to :) I have a family friend who has 7 children and hasn't found out with any of them. It's really special for them; and, as an aside, they have alternated boy girl with each kiddo!

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  • We arn't going to wait, but we won't be telling anyone we know, or what the gender is.

  • bmp84bmp84
    Sixth Anniversary

    I LOVED being team green for Lena :)

    My favorite part of her birthday was hearing my husband yell "It's a girl!!!!" in the operating room. We'll totally be team green again next time.


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  • I didn't want to find out this time, but the night before the ultrasound I caved and had to know.  I ended up having a c-section, so since I will (most likely) know the next one's birthday, I'd like to keep the gender secret.
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  • with DD I had to know what gender she was. I wanted to know if I could reuse any of DS;s old clothing or if we were going to be selling it at the yardsale. MH and I are big planners. I told MH that if we had a 3rd child that I wouldnt find out since we already had one of each, but I'm gettin my tubes tied later this year so that is out.

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  • I was team Green for this one and loooooooved it!  The anticipation is also what got me through the c-section (scheduled due to high BP at 38wks).  I had never had surgery so I was super nervous.  People thought I was crazy for being team Green but it was so great being surprised in the delivery room.  That said, I think we will find out on the next one, just to be different.  I know it sounds weird to not do it again but we are weird, what can I say?  LOL

  • I already have a girl and a boy, so I'm definitely planning on being team green for the next go 'round.  Having one of each, I don't feel so pressed to find out beforehand.
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  • I admire team green people. I am way to type A to not know. Honestly, I had a hard time waiting until 20 weeks to know let alone 40 (or more) weeks. Maybe I could do it if I had one of each...
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  • If #2 is a girl, giving us one of each, then I'd definetly go team green for #3. That would probably be the only way I could do it though. I'm too much of a planner.

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  • I've got another UO for you. What so you really have to prepare that you couldn't prep as GN? I mean, it's really more for you to have pink or blue walls or clothes. IMO, DS could care less.

    Sorry, I'm being judgey today. I apologize. I'm pretty crabby with hardly any sleep and family coming in this weekend.

    So yes, I'm all aboard Team Green. For us, it's more fun to let it be a surprise on the big day. Plus I'd really like the chance to find out in one big moment unlike it was for me this time. I don't even remember how I found out because I was so groggy. I can't remember if DH told me or the nurse. I just remember wanting to claw the nurses' eyes out because my morphine wasn't coming and I was awake .. Ah, I'm not ready to think about having another one!


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  • Heck no. We were almost Team Green by default this last time (LO didn't show the goods at the 20-week u/s, and we only last-minute got the chance to do a 3D u/s when we were traveling at Christmas). Because of that, our nursery and most of our baby gear is very gender neutral. (Which I'm okay with, because we'll be reusing most of it for the next kid.) I would like the full 20 weeks to get to "know" my baby and think of it as a boy or girl, just for a different experience.
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  • We for sure will! We were TG for Liam and we loved it.
  • I'm sure we'll find out again for the next one.  I could barely wait 20 weeks to find out that we were having a girl, so I doubt I'd be any more patient the next time. 

    Plus, it annoys me when other people don't find out what they're having.  It seems like everyone I know who's having a baby is Team Green, and I'm tired of buying neutral gifts for baby showers.

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  • We found out the first time/this time but I have already told H that I do not want to find out next time. He does not agree but I think he will come around eventually.
  • If we have 1 of each and still want more, we will be Team Green. So if our next LO is a girl, our 3rd will be a surprise, etc. We aren't getting rid of anything, and all of DS's swings, bouncers, etc are GN. I would want to know if it was a girl for things like clothes, crib set, things like that. 
  • We had such a great experience being team green with DD I think we will do it again. I thought I would want to plan ahead for #2 but I really don't. Finding out in the delivery room was awesome!
    Our cycle 12 sweepea was born at 34w 3d!
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  • Ali212Ali212 member
    I was team green with #1 and never thought about not also being team green with #2.  I'm a traditionalist and I loved the surprise....when else in life are there such 'good' surprises?  I'm a planner but never understood the argument about being a planner as a reason why you NEED to find out the gender....the reality is your baby doesn't need much the first few weeks and so if you want to go all-out boy or girl, you can do that after their born quite easily.  
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  • I wanted to be Team Green with DS, but DH was dying to know so we made a deal.  We found out with DS, but the next one will be a surprise.  We bought all of our baby gear and bedding gender neutral for this reason.
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  • We were team green this time around and it was awesome, but I think next time we'll find out.  DH didn't want to be team green, but he knew I did so we went that route.  So next time he gets what he wants :)
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