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Eye color

For those of you with other children--when did their eye color change/darken/become permanent? Just curious.
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Re: Eye color

  • I would say DD's eyes became their permanent color somewhere between 10-12 months.  I can't pinpoint an exact age because her eyes are still blue, just lighter than when she was born.
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  • DS was born with gray eyes and they have changed to Hazel(brown on the inside green on the out) and have stayed that way for months now. My FI and I have brown eyes but my moms eyes are hazel so I'm curious to see if they will change. My sis told me that eyes color remains the same after 1 year. Don't know how true that is
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  • Thanks.  DS had lighter blue/grey eyes at birth and they haven't changed much.  I don't see any brown (DH) or hazel/light brown (me) in them yet so I'm curious to see what color they will end up.    
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  • My sisters were brown since birth, but my daughters changed and seem to be staying since about 1.5 months.

  • DS and DD are both brown like MH and were that way by 2mos. I was really hoping that DD would get lighter color eyes like me, but no dice. There are times that I look at her and they look a little olivey in coloring so maybe they will change to hazel as she gets older. Once can only hope.

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  • My son's turned brown right around 3 weeks.  It was super fast.  My daughter is getting close to brown, but she still has a little bit of blue tint left, and she's not quite 5 months.

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  • we are headed for green brown hazel combo. Just like both parents. I was hoping for green like my mom, but there is definitely brown in the middle.
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  • L's eyes are the most beautiful blue with green in the middle.  I am praying they stay that way, but im not betting on it.  I have green eyes and h has brown.  But H is Indian, and as far as we can go back everyone has brown eyes.  So I think It might be geneticly impossible to be anything but brown.
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  • C's eyes were dark denim blue at birth, and now they're lighter blue with a green/hazel ring in the middle - just like his daddy's.
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  • I read in a book eye color usually settles out in babies by 6 months.  Guess I'll have to see if that's true.  DS's eyes are starting to look more brown, but so are my eyes and DH's.
  • My Dad and DH's Mom both have green eyes.  We also each have aunts and uncles with blue eyes.  That said, DH and I both have brown eyes but DS has blue/green eyes.  We are wondering if they will stay too.  They have not gotten darker at all.  Some days they look blue, others they look green.  They are definitely light with no hint of brown. 

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