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NT Scan Results (for worry-warts)

I got my NT scan results back today, and I thought it might put some minds at ease if I shared them.  At the actual ultrasound, the tech measured the Nuchal Fold to be 2.5mm, which is on the "high end of normal".  I was surprised at my number, and starting to worry, because most NT posts that I have read on the boards listed measurements much smaller than mine.  Come to find out, my bloodwork results came back, and combined with the scan, my risk of having a Down's baby is 1 in 10,000.  Obviously I'm relieved, and thought it was important to post that a "larger than normal" measurement is not always a definite indicator of a problem! 

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Re: NT Scan Results (for worry-warts)

  • That's wonderful news, congrats!

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    That's wonderful news, congrats!

    Thank you!

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  • Your measurement actually sounds pretty good. Not sure why they made you needlessly worry so much! Not sure what week you were at scan but when i went the high normal at 12 weeks was 3mm.  I learned this test doesn't really have high accuracy and has a high false positive. Seems to just create worry for no reason many of the times. Our measurement was 4.3mm which made me feel like we were doomed! We ended up having CVS and there was no chromosome abnormalities. I've since researched and seen many posts that were even higher than ours and had perfectly healthy babies.

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