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Anybody else overwhelmed and feel like all they do is complain?

So right now im 17wks and struggling a little. Lately i feel like i am just overwhelmed with all these symptoms of being pregnant.(Have them all!) Normally im a pretty happy person who doesnt complain at all but i feel like its all i do lately. I even feel a little guilty because some women tell me they LOVED being pregnant and im waiting to feel that way. Do you girls ever feel this way? Dont get me wrong i dont feel depressed and i'm SOO blessed to be having a baby but i just feel so awful sometimes.They say you start to feel better in the 2nd tri, which i am, so maybe it will be sooner then later that i will start to feel normal again. I wish everyone on here a happy and FEEL GREAT prenancy!!

Re: Anybody else overwhelmed and feel like all they do is complain?

  • YES! I was walking down the hallway at work....well waddling because my lower back has been so stiff and I was trying to think back to before I was pregnant and what I thought about on my free time. I don't remember. 

    Some times I want people to not always ask about my pregnancy and the baby every single day.

    I'm a very active and go go type of person and this pregnancy has definitely worn me out and I feel less productive, less awesome because I can't clean the house in one swoop and I can't go walk around the mall for hours. I just get too tired.

    I just think about how I can't wait for maternity leave (alone time with me and baby) and that helps me get through the rough stuff during this experience.

    I'm also ready to start loving being pregnant..... when does that happen? haha 


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  • I was feeling this way too, I actually assumed pre-pregnancy that ths would be hard for me, as I have chronic lung problems and have always reacted to any stress on my body by throwing up, so I assumed pregnancy would be no different, but I hear about how everyone feels so much better in their second trimester and I am just hoping thats true, I am feeling much better than I was, but I am still exhaused and congested, I am hoping that this will clear up soon so I can enjoy the summer.Cool

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  • You definitely are not alone in this! I was the blissfully naive TTC'er that SWORE up and down she would love every puke-filled, constipated, gassy, moody moment of pregnancy. Well - no. I still hate being sick, constipated, gassy, and moody as much as before.

    Hoping hoping that the second tri "Golden Period of Pregnancy" will kick in any time now. Maybe at least a little less acne? Please pregnancy gods? In a few weeks I will be ready to offer a sacrificial lamb-chop to Hekate or Artemis for some relief. Stick out tongue

  • Thanks girls, is so nice to know im not alone!!


  • I feel like i complain all the time, like there is always something wrong. The only person i actually tell it to is my husband, and he holds me and says he understands. I just feel so guilty for complaining. Yeah some days i am puking my brains out all day, but i know there are woman out there who are far worst than i am and feel that everyday. Thats all i can think about, well what i am going though is nothing compared to some of these other woman, right? so i should just shut up and be happy. :( I wanted and prayed to have this beautiful baby so ii have no right to complain. This is something i battle with everyday. i hate it..
  • I don't feel physically too terrible thankfully. Definetly started feeling more energized and better overall after about 13 weeks but I have been a nervous wreck since finding out i was pregnant. I'm always expecting the worst. I hate seeing negative stories and then worrying if its going to happen to me. Although this worry will prob last the rest of my life once the baby is here i'll just be worried about her too. haha. Can't win.

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