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great toy recommendation for 16 month olds?

Hi Ladies,

I will be joining you in two weeks. Yikes!

 For LO's first birthday I wanted to try to get him a toy that he will love at about 16 months old. LO number two is due when he is 16 months and I want to have a time consuming, fun toy to give him when she arrives.

 He currently loves the leap frog learning table, is there something like that for the 16 month set? Many thanks!



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Re: great toy recommendation for 16 month olds?

  • My LO is 16 months, and currently his favorite toy is anything that allows him to bang on things...he has a little plastic golf club set and loves hitting the balls and beating things (and us) with the clubs! LOL! Probably not a good idea if your going to have the baby around :) My LO is also starting to really like puzzles and coloring....those might be good options for when the baby comes since they would be pretty quiet. You can find some Melissa and doug puzzles that have big knobs on them...

    Or one of these play cubes?


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  • i posted something similar last week and didn't get much help. DD is almost 16 months and all the toys she got for her bday she's bored with. So we went shopping last week and got her a bunch of 18 mos + stuff. She got Dance Star Mickey for her bday and she still loves him. But the things we got last week are the leap frog computer, the fisher price phone, the vtech alphabet phone (which is for 3+ I think but she really likes the music, and the weebles treehouse, which is so fun.

    I would recommend that you only introduce a few toys at a time and swap them out every few weeks, then old toys will seem new again... it helps keep things exciting.

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  • My dd is 17 months and loves the Little Tykes Princess Cozy Coupe (they make one in red and blue for boys) which we got her for her 1st birthday and put it together and she started using at 16 months. Also the Fisher Price Learning Home is something she's loved since she was 11 months old and still plays with it to this day. Hmm, she recently started loving the big board puzzles with handles and of course big bouncy balls...

    The most time consuming toy I've found is a water table!!! Smile

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  • Every kid is different, so it's hard to tell what toy they'll love -- LO loves anything little people -- she mostly sticks the people and animals in her mouth and they're pretty chunky. :P She also really likes the busy ball popper, we bought her a little tykes slide, we have room in our house where we can put it indoors, the melissa and doug wooden board puzzles, fisher price cookie shape jar, smaller version of the play kitchens (fisher price laugh & learn kitchen or the little tykes), and we're planning on getting her a small shopping cart.She  just like the concept of pushing something around and dropping things in it.
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  • My DD1 was 18mos when our DS was born.  I'd say that our little tikes kitchen keeps her the most occupied.  I agree with PP, every kid is different.  She does love push toys; stroller for her baby and grocery cart.  Her go to toy outside, is the cozy coupe.  We had bought quite a few things to give to her when the baby was born and I held off on them because other people brought her gifts.  I just gave her the Fisher Price Little People barn today and she really likes it.  She's now 20mos.
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