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Choroid Plexus Cyst

My baby has a cyst in its brain. All of my other tests came back fine (i did get the NT screening which the Dr. said was 'perfect') and now our scan showed yesterday a C P cyst with no other soft markers. Ugh. Not something I wanted to hear... anyone else? Also my kid was all scrunched up and wouldn't move and since we are considered high risk for a heart defect (my sister has one) we now have to go to a pediatric cardiologist so that we can get some better pictures of the baby's heart... I am trying to be calm and cerebral about this but its hard...

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Re: Choroid Plexus Cyst

  • My LO has/had the exact same thing.  No other markers were found but we decided to do the amnio that day b/c of my history (late loss most likely due to a chromosome abnormality).  Thankfully all results came back NORMAL.  I did alot of research and most findings said that this single finding and no other markers is ok.  But again if your really freaked out by it like i was i'm sure they'd offer you an amnio but again that comes along w/ it's own set of risks.  GL!  i know how stressful it can be.
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  • My baby has that too.  The doctor at the ultrasound was very reassuring and explained all the other things that they would look for to indicate a problem, none of which he found.  That, combined with the blood work, still keep my odds of an issue very low so we decided not to go with the amnio.  I have another ultrasound scheduled in a few weeks so they can check and make sure LO is growing on schedule.

     It's always scary to hear that there could be something wrong, but between the doctor and many people (on this board!) who have said they had the same issue and everything turned out fine, I'm not as worried as I was at first.  Good luck!

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    We found that our daughter had multiple cysts at 18 weeks.  They were her only marker for anything, so we elected not to do the amnio (we wouldn't have done it if they had found something else anyway).  I went back for another u/s at 23 weeks, and they were all gone, which they had been expecting.

    Both my OB and my high risk dr. say that choroid plexus cysts are much more commonly found today due to advances in u/s technology, and that 99% of the time, they are nothing to worry about.  I have a host of other pg issues, and these doctors are VERY upfront with me.  I was genuinely not worried in between those two appts because of what they told me.  I wish you all the best.

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  • My now 4 y/o DD had 2 CPCs at her 18 week a/s.  The specialist said that it is a soft marker for T18, but that T18 usually presents with many other markers.  Therefore, in isolation the cysts most likely mean nothing.  She said a miscarriage from amnio was more likely than DD having T18, so she recommended no amnio and instead to do a 3rd tri u/s.  She said at that time most likely the cysts will have resolved themselves and they can take a second look to make sure that the anatomy still presented as normal.  I had also already done the quad screen (often done now as part of the sequential/integrated/NT screening) and she felt that blood work confirmed most likely all was well.  Sure enough the 3rd tri u/s the cysts had resolved and there were still no other markers.  About 12 weeks later we delivered a perfectly healthy little girl that has really had no true medical concerns and developing right on track.  I also happen to think she is brilliant, but I'm mom, so I know that is subjective! ;)  I know the news is very unsettling at first.  No one wants to hear their baby has a cysts on their brain, but I have only heard of positive outcomes if the cysts are in isolation.
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  • This LO has the same thing.  They saw it on the U/S a few weeks ago.  I have talked to 2 OB's about it and everything else was perfectly healthy and they assured me I should not worry about it.  I chose not to do an amnio and the 2nd OB said he wouldn't reccomend it anyway.  He said most cases usually resolve themselves in the last trimester.  I am having an U/S around 32 weeks just to give myself peace of mind but I was assured that it was no big deal. 
  • My DD had 2 choroid plexus cysts at 21 weeks, she also had a SUA which gave her 2 soft markers. The perinatologist I saw was very reassuring to the fact that most of the time the cysts resolve on their own and they are quite common these days with advances in u/s technology. DD's went away by 28 weeks and she was born perfectly fine.
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  • DD#1 had 2 or cpc's that were discovered at our anatomy scan (20w). We were referred to a level II that we had at 24w. She had no other markers and by the time we went for the level II they had already dissipated.

    The perinatologist explained to us that on their own cpc's really don't mean a thing. He said that cpc's are pretty common and that if babies had u/s everyday a vast majority of them would have these. They come and go and a good number of adults still have them.

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  • We were told our baby had a CPC and an echogenic focus on the heart, which is a soft marker for Downs at our 18 week anatomy scan.  I went to a perinatologist a week and a half later for a level II ultrasound, and both soft markers were gone.  I also have a quad screen at 18 weeks and it came back with excellent results.  Don't worry, (although I was told the same and still did, totally normal too!) it will most likely disappear and you will deliver a perfectly healthy baby!
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