Toddlers: 12 - 24 Months

Down to 1 nap at 14.5 mos?

LO seems to be fighting napping lately. He fought them all week last week for my Mom (who watches him during the week), then did pretty well while we were out of town this weekend sleeping in his pack n' play (he did have to cry up to 20 mins sometimes to get to sleep but I blamed that on being in a different place).  Today we were back to "normal" and I was off of work and he wouldn't take a morning nap. I let him cry it out for 40 mins then finally threw in the towel. Put him back down at 2 and he passed right out for almost 2 hours. Do you think he's easing into 1 nap a day? Or is it just a napping hiccup?

Re: Down to 1 nap at 14.5 mos?

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