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Popular name poll re: Abigail

So, I'm curious. We are going to be using the name Abigail for our daughter, and it sucks that it's so popular, but we have other reasons for using it, so we're sticking with it. I've been keeping my eyes peeled, and I haven't heard of anyone on these OR my month boards using it.

I know it's top 10 and therefore too "trendy" for some, but my question is, how many people ARE planning on using it, or know a baby under 2 with that name? Personally I never hear it, and I know a lot of babies and young kids.

Honestly, the outcome of this poll won't change our minds about the name, I'm just curious. Maybe it's just not terribly popular in my area? Who knows! [Poll]

Re: Popular name poll re: Abigail

  • Abigail is a lovely name, and Abby is a cute nickname. If you have found a name you love that will not invite future teasing and ridicule on the schoolyard, I think all other considerations, the trendiness factor included, get thrown out the window. I say go for it.

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  • I wouldn't worry much about the trends as they come and go. If this is a name you love then stick with it! :) It's my first name and I absolutely love it, although I get called Abby more often than not. haha
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  • I don't know anyone named Abigail (and my daughter is in elementary school and no one she knew was named Abigail), I knew one in my elementary school and we called her Abby, if we were having a girl, we would have named her Abigail.  I have loved this name for YEARS... has nothing to do with how "popular" it is.  If you love it, use it!! :)
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  • I love this name!  I only know one elderly lady named Abigail and a school-aged beautiful girl named Annabelle.  I love the nickname Abby!  I was going to name my baby (if it was a girl) Adelynn and call her Addy/Addie.  I will save the name for next time though. Wink
  • Like you, I don't really care that the name is popular. It has been in the top ten for years and I feel like it is a classic.

    Popular names aren't what they used to be. Once upon a time, there was a Jennifer, Jessica and Jason in every class. Despite the popularity of Abigail, neither DH nor I know anyone with this name. It is not over used in our circle and we love it.

  • I know it's a top name in the polls, and I know it's been popular for at least 10+ years, but I don't know anyone named Abigail/Abby.  I feel like I saw or had heard of more people using it in the late 90s/ early 2000s than I do now.  That being said, it is NOT dated; it's a classic and I love it!
  • My name is Abbie, just Abbie not Abigail. And I only recently realized how popular of a name it is becoming recently, when we started taking DD to our local swimming pool. And I spend the day turning this way and that, looking to see who is calling my name. Maybe it's regional, but it is extremely popular around here.
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  • Using it for my LO's middle name - would have loved for it to be the first name but this is DH's first baby and he chose Kenzie.  I don't know a single Abigail but I absolutely adore the name. I'm excited about using it and hope you are too!
  • If it weren't for the nickname Abby, I would be using it.  I think it's a lovely name no matter how popular.
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    I didn't vote in your poll because I know a bunch of Abbys who are older than two.  I know three in the 3-7 year old range.  And as a teacher, I've had at least two Abbys every year for as long as I can remember.  I haven't had a single one go by Abigail.  I have no problem with the name personally.  I think you should name your child whatever you want, not paying attention to trends, popularity, etc.
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  • My daughter's name is Abigail.  I hear "Abby" a lot.  A lot with older kids though too.  I don't regret it for a second.  It totally fits her personality!
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  • I don't really consider Abigail trendy - it's been in the top 10 for 10 years now. I think it's a classic name.  It's on our short list if this baby is a girl.  I don't love that it's popular, but I love the name, so I'd use it regardless.
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  • I wanted to use it with our last daughter, but DH vetoed it.  I was so sad!

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