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Weight not coming off. Any advise?

I only gained about 35 pounds during pregnancy, but gained about 30 pounds prior to pregnancy as a result of a hormone imbalance when I went off birth control. My daughter is now 13 weeks old, so I have been on a pretty rigorous diet/excercise program for about 7 weeks and I have not lost a pound (aside from the initial 20 pound weight loss immediately following the birth).

I work out about 8-9 hours a week over 5-6 days a week- 3 hours of weight lifting and 5-6 hours of cardio (Zumba, Combat classes, elliptical, etc.). I'm also eating healthy and limiting my calorie intake to 1200-1500 calories. My main goal is to fit back into the clothes in my closet. Although my clothes are fitting better, the scale has not moved. My main concern is the knee issues I'm having as a result of my weight. Any suggestions?

Re: Weight not coming off. Any advise?

  • Sounds to me like you are not eating enough calories? I would try adding a few hundred calories a day since you are so active and see if that helps. Also, not sure if you are breastfeeding too and then you would need to be eating even more calories.


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  • Couple things... 

    First - it didn't come on overnight, stay realistic about it coming off.  Next, add in some resistence training (and using weights lighter than your baby weighs is not resistence) and a few sessions with the personal trainer to develop an upper body, lower body, and cleanup workouts for you to use. 

    Next, if you don't notice any changes in 3-4 months, then go get your hormone levels checked (Thyroid, Vitamin D, Vitamin B's, etc.)...

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  • You're probably not eating enough given your activity level. What kinds of foods are you eating? All the calorie counting in the word won't make a big difference if you're not eating high quality foods.

    Also - 7 weeks is not a long time (although trust me, I totally know how you are feeling!!!) Just try to relax, get as much sleep as you can manage (with a 13 week old, I realize that may not be much!) eat healthy, maintain your exercise and let your body do it's thing.

    Make sure you vary your exercise. Don't get stuck in the same rut of doing the same stuff over and over again - because your body adapts and its becomes less and less effective.

    Check out this blog - it's got great information in it:

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  • Muscle does weigh more than fat so I'd focus on the fit of the clothes more than the scale.

    Maybe consider a consultation with a nutritionist (many insurance plans will pay for them with a recommendation from your doctor) and a few sessions with a personal trainer who can help you get results in the areas you most want it?

    Lots of women will just go running and lose their chest but gain so much m uscle in their legs that they feel worse about themselves...a trainer can help balance your workouts to get the results you want and a nutritionist can helpu arensure you are eating right for your activity level.

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  • I'm in the same boat as you.  I work and work and work yet the stupid little pin on the scale does not move.  However, I've been here before and it did not have to do with having a baby but rather culture shock, stress and winter. 

    Its important to not focus on the weight but rather the inches.  What I've done in the past, and I'm currently doing again, is measure my self and kept a log.  I do this as often I feel like but I don't freak out when nothing changes in 2 days (I am realistic).  I've noticed that even though I may not be shedding the pounds I was told I would by breastfeeding, I am losing inches and slowly starting to tone. 

    If are breastfeeding, its very important to get at LEAST 1800 calories per day.  Its also important to eat about 45 mins. to an hour before working out and then having a healthy, high protien snack within an hour of your work out since that is the time your muscles absorb the most. 

    If you are having knee problems, be careful with biking and maybe try something else, like rowing.

     Stick to it and you will see results and remember the phrase that I know I don't like to belive - "nine months up, nine months down." 

     You can do it!!!

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  • I agree with the amount of calories you are taking in compared to your activity level. I would suggest taking in more calories, just make sure they are the right ones! Bump up your protien and veggies and only eat carbs for breakfast and lunch.

    This blog has some good posts on food choices and tips and recipes:


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