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How did you co-sleep with your newborn and older child?

When my son was a newborn, he slept in the pack-n-play in our room. I'd get up and nurse him in the living room so I wouldn't disturb my husband. That quickly ended and I finally just put him in bed with me and nursed him while I slept. My husband didn't feel comfortable so he would usually move into the guest bed for the rest of the night. It worked for us. Fast forward to now...I am expecting. Our will be 3-year old sleeps in his own bed, but always ends up in our bed before morning. We only have a Queen size mattress and it's already super tight, plus that isn't safe for a newborn. We will no longer have the guest bed when baby comes.

What do/did you do with a small baby and an older child who both want to sleep with you?

Thanks for your help!

Re: How did you co-sleep with your newborn and older child?

  • I don't have an older kiddo, but here's my suggestion anyway. ;) Could you possibly sidecar the new baby's crib? Then, baby's mattress is basically an extension of your bed, he has his own space, and still easy to nurse in the middle of the night. Then, if your 3yo comes crawling in bed in the morning it won't disturb baby who's on his own mattress.

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  • When DD was little, I kept her in the bassinet sidecarred to our bed.

    DD HATED bedsharing, so it worked out ok.

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  • our DS is 2 1/2 and starts the night in his room in a full size futon bed. During the night he will either wake and call for us, in which case, Daddy goes in and sleeps with him as needed, or DS will come into our room and crawl into the middle of our bed. DD sleeps in a moses basket next to my side of the bed. She is actually a great sleeper and usually only wakes 1-2 times a night. So when she stirs, i get her and if DS is in our bed, I get up and go to his room with the baby. Basically the only time we all bedshare is if baby or toddler join us in bed for a short period of time in the morning before we have to be up, when i know i'm not going to fall back into a deep sleep so i can keep an eye on her. Basically we play musical beds most nights ;)

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