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So DH and I were talking last night and decided that we should go on a babymoon. We live in Florida and don't want to travel too far.  He suggested Disney since I am a self proclaimed "Disney Freak."  I'm just worried that there won't be many rides for a pregnant woman and I don't want to take away from his fun.  Do any of you have any Disney experience while being pregnant?  

Has anyone gone on or planning a babymoon and where?

Do you have any suggestions for a Florida babymoon?  


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Re: Babymoon

  • As far as I know, Disney wouldn't be very much fun at all for a pregnant woman. I would LOVE a babymoon, but I will be quitting my job in Sept so we are working on saving $$ :(
  • If I lived in FL, I'd go to Key West. It's one of my favorite places in the US with some of the best food around. 
  • We live in FL too, so we went to Orlando for our babymoon. We just decided to make it a relaxing trip, so we stayed at the Hyatt Grand Regency. They have a few gorgeous pools w/ waterfalls, etc, a pond that you can go boating on, a nature trail... So we hung out there most of the weekend and just relaxed. We also went to IKEA while we were there to do some baby shopping and went to Downtown Disney one day to shop and see a movie. We really enjoyed it.
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  • I also live in FL and wanted to do disney but H made a good point that with the heat and crowds and the fact that I won't be able to ride many rides we should wait because I will be miserable. I wanted to do a 5 day cruise that embarks from Cape Canaveral but we waited too long because the limit to go on a cruise is 25 weeks I believe plus I've used most of my days off from being sick Sad
  • DH and I are also "Disney Freaks".  We went back in May and I was still able to have a good time.  There are a few rides that you need to stay away from, and you HAVE to make sure to stay hydrated.  The following are some rides you would need to stay away from:

    Magic Kingdom: Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Splash Mountain,  Space Mountain, Tomorrowland Indy Speedway; Epcot: Test Track; Disney's Hollywood Studios: Tower of Terror, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, Star Tours; Animal Kingdom: Dinosaur, Kali River Rapids, Kilimanjaro Safaris, Expedition Everest

     I realize that cuts a lot of the serious thrill rides out, but you can still have a lot of fun.  The only down side for me was dealing with the heat, but if you plan accordingly,  you can find rides/shows that are indoors and take up a larger chunk of time, keeping you inside in the nice cool a/c!

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  • We ended up going to Jamaica on our babymoon and it was such a relaxing trip! We thought about something like Disney, but the heat, the lines, and the crowds didn't sound like it would be much fun at this point in my pregnancy. I don't know if you're a beach person, but Siesta Key near Sarasota is beautiful and there's still a lot to do in the Tampa area. Best of luck!
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  • I would think that Disney would be a bit tough when pregnant - you will probably be restricted from most of the fun rides, and not to mention the crowds and heat might drive you a bit nutty.  But then I again I am pretty cranky around crowds and heat even when not pregnant!

     DH and I are talking about doing an FL babymoon - probably either to South Beach or Marco Island, depending on how much action we want there to be around us.  I personally am leaning toward South Beach because I love being there and having all of those awesome restaurants around! 

    I would think that pretty much anywhere with a beach and good food would be a great spot there.  I have heard good things about Amelia Island as well if you are looking for something low key.

    My advice would be to think about the type of environment you want to be in, and go from there.  DH and I thought about Vegas because I love going there, and usually do 1-2 times per year, but realized that my attitude toward it right now, would like be a little more annoyed than enjoying.


  • I'm thinking Disney wouldn't be all that much fun for someone who is into her second trimester. It's humid, hot, and crowded. But if you love Disney that much, maybe you'll enjoy it!

    My SO and I took a mini babymoon when I was about 13 weeks. We stayed at a B&B in Virginia for the weekend. It was nice to get away, but I wish we could've gone somewhere more exciting and stayed longer. 

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  • I have to agree with PP's.....sounds like it might be a bit overwhelming for you.  Key West sounds like a great idea, Pita!!

    We are going to Mystic, Connecticut (I live in NJ) for a long weekend in August.  Museums, dinners, aquarium - low key stuff.  I found an apartment right in downtown Mystic on VRBO.com for $200 a night! 

    We leave on Thursday for Wisconsin for my DH's family reunion.   I wouldn't call that a Babymoon though.  LOL

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  • I would think Disney would not be near as fun pregnant.  DH and I are planning on taking a trip for our 5th anniversary to FL.  We were thinking of going to Clearwater Beach because our airport has a direct flight to Tampa/St. Pete...what do all of your FL people think of Clearwater Beach?  We've never been and do not travel often so know very little.

    If you go to Marco Island, where would you fly into, just out of curiosity?

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  • btsrc5btsrc5
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    We are going to Mexico for our babymoon next week.

    However, we will be going to Disney in September (33 wks pg).  There are a lot of ride I wont be able to ride, but there is a TON to do at Disney while pg.  All the shows obviously are fine, and a lot of the rides are too (anything for kids, just no roller coasters or jerky rides).  I can't wait!  And of course, there is all the yummy food too!! 

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  • We live in Florida too and we did a Universal Studios- Harry Potter babymoon. It is hot and you'll be supprised how much you will swell (my hands puffed way out) but all the bathrooms get visitied.

    It's not nearlly as fun as when you can go on the rides but it is still nice. Do make sure to stay at a nice hotel so you can enjoy the pool and a (quite) room.

    There are so many nice places to eatout in the disney/ universal area that you can go before you will alway have to consider the childrens menu and what you're little one will and will not eat.

    Check if disney has late hours and go after 6 or 7 pm. The crowds are lighter and there is usually a nice breeze.

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  • Thanks everyone for the tips.  We were also thinking Key West.  I guess we'll have to start looking at hotels and stuff to do online and pick between Key West and Orlando.  
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  • Last July we went on our honeymoon to Disney..and stayed at the Hyatt Grand Regency (as someone else said). It is sooooo amazing! We wish we could have spent more time there...we were gone all day everyday and didnt get to enjoy it. I think the perfect babymoon would be to hang out there! Maybe go shopping and out to dinner or something too. I LOVE DISNEY...but I dont think its the best place to go when pregnant. I really think you should look into the Hyatt in Orlando...there is so much to do right there!!

     We're meeting my DH's family in VA Beach for our anniversary in a couple weeks...can't wait for vacation!!!


  • Update: The Hubs and I have decided.

    We went back and forth and decided to make a trip to Orlando.  Key West sounded great, but we want to go there when we can do some scuba diving and other non-pregnancy complaint activities.  Our baby shower is July 23rd in Southwest Florida and we live in Northeast Florida.  We are going to go down to Orlando for two nights on the 20th for our babymoon.  We have reservations at a Marriott resort.  Since he is military and we get a complimentary day, we are going to go to SeaWorld our first day.  They have a lot of shows and are generally less crowed than the other parks.  The next day we are going to relax by the pool and do some shopping in downtown Disney.  That night we have tickets to Cirque du Soleil - La Nouba.  I'm pretty excited!  It isn't a long babymoon, but at least DH can save his leave for when LO arrives.  Thanks again for all the advice.  

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