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"Forced" Induction = Epic Fail!

So, as I had mentioned before, our doctors insisted that I HAD to be inducted at 40w, 5d. (In fact, they wanted me to go at 40w, 2d, but I managed to fight for a few extra days). I was not happy, but really felt bullied into it, so my Sweetheart and I went at 9pm Friday night.

Guess who came home tonight without a Baby? After 48+ hours in the hospital, 2 rounds of Cervidil, a membrane sweep, and maxing out on 15 hours of Pitocin, I am still only dilated 1cm. It was finally decided that maybe I was *RIGHT* and the Baby isn't ready.

Ultrasound showed Baby is perfect. We're to go back when labor really starts or I hit 42 weeks (at which reinduction eek!). After the sweep, I lost the mucous plug, so I am hopeful it will happen in a few days.

Otherwise, can't wait to see the doctors on Tuesday! And, even better, my husband will be with me. (I am relieved that the doctor who was the meanest about induction will not be there that day - the hospital nurses already checked for us; I am going to insist that our appt is with the head Dr.)


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