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Long time no see!

Gosh, I barely recognize any names on here... The whole 2u1 (now 2u2) thing really kept me busy!

 Well, we finally joined DH in TX. And what a welcome we got - 113* and our AC went out, and has been busted for a month now. Can you say HOT?!

Things have been going verrrrrrrrry smooth with BM - I've been here almost 2 months, and we've gotten SS every time we ask, for the length we request. Hopefully we will be able to get a permanent change to the CO here soon. We got him for Fathers Day, and I am taking him back for his mom's wedding next weekend, then one of her guests who lives near(ish) to us is bringing him to us the next day for the summer.

He and Drew are thick as thieves and huuuuuge troublemakers, haha. Drew is running around after him and having a ball - and even has started trying to say his first words (delayed bc of his surgeries, but he can do a bunch of signs!!!). Adie is already 4.5 months... where does the time even go?!

 Here are some pics...




How have you guys been?!?!

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Re: Long time no see!

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