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Pulling hair/scratching face

LilyBug does both on a regular basis. I have cut her nails down as far as I can w/o hurting her. But she still manages to scratch up her face. She hasn't worn her mittens since she was a few wks old. I thought about putting them on again, but she is exploring her hands & I don't want to discourage her from doing that. She also pulls her hair. And she's pulling it hard. It doesn't seem to bother her when she does it. I gently pull her little hands down when she does it & but she sticks them right back up there. Anyone experiencing this? Should I just leave her alone as long as she doesn't seem bothered? Any ideas about the face scratching?
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Re: Pulling hair/scratching face

  • DS scratches himself all of the time.  His fingers get infected if I cut them too short, but if I file them he will make his face bleed.  So I just cut them and try to keep his fingers clean so they don't get as infected.  I don't have advice, but I'll be interested to see what others say.
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    I'm afraid if I cut hers any lower I'll hurt her little fingers. I just hate how much of her face she has scratched.
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    Yes, DD2 does both; pull hair and scratch.  DD1 did the same and eventually grew out of it around 3-4 mo.  I just do the best cutting her nails down and patiently wait. I feel bad but it doesn't look like it hurts and she's not pulling her hair out....
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  • If she's scratching her face hard enough to leave marks, I'd put the mittens on her at least some of the time.  DD woke up with a scratch on her neck this morning, so I think I need to go back to using mittens at night.  She sleeps in a swaddle, but she can usually get her hands up to her face. 
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