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Have you ladies picked a name yet?

We arent sure what we are having yet...but if we have a boy his name will be Mason Wayne Shrum

if we have a girl...we are not sure yet...either Alison Elaine Shrum or Macy Elaine Shrum,,WDYT?? I want opinions please...and post your names you all have picked!

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Re: Have you ladies picked a name yet?

  • I LOVE Mason, and I like Alison best out of the two girl names. If we have a boy, he will be Connor; not sure about the girl name yet. Picking names is so fun but so hard!
  • H is set on Madeline I love Violet, Fiona or Sorena (I think it's the Scandinavian form of Serena, I know a girl named that and I love it!)

    For a boy I think we like Everett but nothing is set.

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    I have a boy and girl name picked that I love, but I'm not discussing names with DH until we find out what we're having.  He knows the names, but we're not going to sit down and try and decide anything because we have... difficulties agreeing on girl names, and if this is another boy I don't even want to bother with the discussions, lol.
  • nope, it feels too early to pick for us. We have several though:

    GIRL: Charlotte, Matilda (call her Millie), Penelope, Violet.

    BOY: Miles Douglas, Graham Douglas, Calvin Douglas. I also like Reid, Pierce and Brooks. 


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  • We are struggling with names so we are waiting until we know the sex.  I love Mason, that's always been a favorite name of mine.  I like Macy over Alison, but both are cute!  Elaine is a great MN.

  • Well i have always loved Adrianna for a girl and my husband really likes it to but what do u call her for short so now im really starting to love the name Emmalynn so we will see.. as far as boys i have no idea with my first son it was easy Dominick and the 2nd boy his father passed away when i was preg so easy i named him after his dad Ryan no i just have no idea.. also i really like Macy over Allison for some reason.. we will hopefully find out end of the month the gender i sooo cant wait.
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  • If its a boy he will be Bennett James and a girl will be Brynn Louise
  • I am still loving Leonardo for a boy and DH is coming around. His favorite is Caleb but it is too popular for me. We have a very common last name so boys names are difficult.

    We haven't talked too much about girl names. 

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  • Boy: Alexander Garrett

    Girl: Mia Rosalynn 


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  • I love macy! cute names


    We have a for sure boys name.. jackson but no girl name yet


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  • We settled on names about 3 hours after the dr. confirmed that we were pregnant. If it's a boy its John David III and if it's a girl we picked Tandy Rose. 

     Although we're not telling family after seeing the problems my brother and SIL had with people have name opinions so as far as our family is concerned we're naming them either Calvin or Lucy after our dogs!

  • Boy: Keagan Lucas

    Girl: Sienna Marie

    I like Alison, but i'm biased cus it's my little sis name :) Macy is very pretty too. Can't go wrong with either one!

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  • We have a long list for both boys and girls. We won't choose until (s)he's born. We definitely need to meet this little person before we choose a name for them.

    For a boy I like:

    For a girl I like:


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    image image image image image image image image
  • Now that we know we are having a boy, we are deciding between Aidan Harley or Elijah Harley.  Harley was DH's grandfather's name.

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  • Connor Anthony or Alayna Kate (Ali or Laney for her nickname)


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  • No! And I am so frustrated by it. I keep joking that this baby may end up having two names because DH and I just can not agree!

    At my 20 week ultrasound with my first pregnancy we had names set in stone, so when we found out it was a girl we knew her name was Ellie Anne. This time DH says we shouldn't even keep discussing names until we know because it's so frustrating.

    We are having more trouble with boy names and at our 13 week ultrasound the tech guessed boy (and it sure looked like a boy, although of course I know we can't be sure yet).

     I LOVE Mason. I really want either Mason or Owen. My husband likes more traditional names though and I just find most of them boring. Our boy name WAS Tucker, and we both just love it, but we just had friends that used it in April and feel like we would see them too much and our babies will be too clode in age for us to use it anyway.


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  • We have both names picked.  We had one picked for a few weeks and didn't have the other picked until after we found out what we are expecting.  I'm a HUGE name person and it was driving me absolutely crazy that dh wouldn't even discuss names with me.  I finally asked him if I got to name the baby if we ended up having the opposite gender of the name we picked.  He said "no" - but I get my name anyway... and I'm pretty excited.
  • I really like the name Mason.  My best friend just named her son Mason Ray.  So its a good name. 

    as for the Girl I think Alison Elaine Flows together the best.   Very cute names. 

    For us.  We are having a hard time with a girls names.  MH really likes the name Serenity Jade, after  one of our really good friends daughter we met at our last base.  We called and asked their permission and they loved the Idea.  But I still am not to keen on the name for our baby. 

    As for a boy, we had a few names picked out but I think we are finally set on a name.  Logan Dean, or Logan Hunter.  And if we have  a girl I would still like to use Logan but MH doesnt like it for a girl.  Go figure.  lol.  


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  • Mason is a cute name. As far as the girl goes, you may have to wait until you meet her. My H and I have picked Ricky Lane if it's a boy, or Ryleigh Lynn if it's a girl. Can't wait!
  • I love Mason and Alison.

    My boy name is Grant Timothy. We've had it chosen forever and we really think baby is a boy.

    We have so many girl names chosen I can't decide. Penelope, Gabrielle and Coraline are my top 3.

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