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Weekend plans?

What are your plans for the weekend?? 

Side note: Holy cow.. I am gone for the afternoon and there are tons of threads about picking a labor buddy.. Did we ever come up with a plan?  

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Re: Weekend plans?

  • I'm in MA for the weekend visiting my family and celebrating fathers day with my dad. I drove here yesterday from NY. I was gone this afternoon too and it looks like the labor buddy idea was scratched. I'm kinda disappointed.
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  • We are interviewing a woman for childcare (fingers crossed she can fit us in.  DH is totally sold on her!!) tonight.  Tomorrow I have my work shower and then house cleaning.
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  • Sat am DS and I will be going with DH to his parent's house so he can help get their house and yard ready for my "surprise" sprinkle shower ( I found out because I was planning my friend's shower for that day and DH told me so he wouldn't have to lie to me and only DH's parents know that I know, every else invited thinks it's a surprise) next Sat.  While he does that I'll be watching DS, working on my friend's sprinkle shower for next Sun and preparing for a meeting with one of her friends who's throwing the shower with me.  Then Sat afternoon I have a surprise baby shower for a friend that's due friday the 24th of this month.  Sunday I have no idea what we are doing, there's a BBQ at my aunt's house on the seacoast, but with the cost of gas DH and I aren't sure if we'll go.  Although it would be nice to see some of my family, the drama and stress of seeing some of them triggers timeable BH for me, almost to the point of regular contractions...10 min apart lasting around a minute and extremely painful (they never get closer together so I never call). 
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  • We are attending our first child birth class. Whoohoo. Then back to my mom's for a yard sale. Sunday probably just relax with dads and dh.
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  • Just hanging around today, tomorrow we have our newborn class we are going to since we both have no real idea what we are doing. ;)
  • eesomeeesome
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    Since I now need to relax and lay low on any major activity, my plans have changed quite a bit. I was going to get everything out of the nursery and prep the room for painting, but now I have to wait a few more weeks under DH is home to do it. : ( are my plans:

    Tonight- Going to see my dad perform in the National Poetry Slam. I am actually super excited about this because people are so creative and it's so much fun!

    Tomorrow- Probably watching my son run through the sprinkler and hitting a few garage sales.

    Sunday- Taking my dad to lunch for Father's day, and then making my husband and FIL a steak dinner that evening. MIL is helping. 


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  • We are TOO busy this weekend. I work today until 5pm, then we have to go pick up our pup from the vet (he got neutered today..yikes!) then I am taking my BFF out to dinner as part of her thank you for my baby shower. Tomorrow we are going to a 1st birthday party, car shopping, & then my family shower/cousin's graduation party. Sunday, I have to work until 5:15PM & then we are going to my ILs for a father's day dinner. Thank goodness I am off Mon/Tues! I'll need the recovery time. lol Unfortunately, DH will be out of town for work AGAIN M-Th. Sad
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  • I am on my way home to visit my parents but sad that MH couldn't come.

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  • DS has a birthday party to attend tomorrow and we'll probably do dinner out for Father's Day on Sunday, but nothing major planned.  We're "on call" to take a friend's little boy if needed - her mom is trying to get a plane ticket changed to fly in on Monday, but my friend found out today she's almost 4cm dilated, so if she goes into labor before her mom can make it we're going to keep him.

    As for the labor buddies - I think it was just decided people would pick their own.  If you'd like to get to know someone better, I say send them a private message and see if they're interested.  

  • atackatack
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    I am going to a baby shower in the morning tomorrow and I have my first shower being thrown for me later in the afternoon!  Fun filled baby weekend!
  • We're doing my dad's birthday party/Father's Day tomorrow afternoon.  On Sunday, we're going to my aunt & uncle's for another Father's Day thing, but we're not staying long because we're heading to Disneyland.

  • tonight we're putting up the crib that was delivered today (i'm so excited!). Tomorrow a much needed trip to Ikea & then i'm taking my niece to "Pride" in baltimore. She's 16 and identifies as bi-sexual (not sure if it's a phase or not, but my best friend was gay in high school and her parents and family weren't supportive at all & it almost drove her to suicide. So i'm trying to be supportive to my niece...phase or not). I'm actually pretty excited to see the sights lol. Sunday...much needed relaxation :)
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  • I was planning on washing and sorting all the baby's clothes this weekend, but the laundry soap and fabric softener I ordered was damaged during shipping and is being returned. Thanks a lot Fed Ex.

    I don't really have much else planned. Probably go to the grocery store at some point tomorrow. Then Sunday, maybe dinner with my parents and DH for Father's Day. 

  • My shower is tomorrow!  Soooo excited!!!  Big Smile
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  • We got our carpet installed today, so we are putting the upstairs back together.  Very exciting!!!  Now we can really start the nursery!  The funiture arrives on thursday.  We spent the last week painting almost all the rooms and ceilings.  This weekend we are going to a newborn care class, putting up trim in our bathroom, moving a dresser into the nursery and putting a desk for our guestroom/office together.  We are also getting together with friends on Sunday for church (he is a deacon) and lunch.  Phew!
  • Well tomorrow is my baby shower and after my baby shower we plan on going through all of LO's things and try and get the nursery as tidy as possible.  Sunday, I'll probably still be working on the nursery while SO is at work.
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  • For me it will be work, babysitting and my babyshower on Saturday, then work, babysitting, finishing up the paint job on the baby's nursery, and dinner for my DH and Dad on Sunday. Somewhere in there I need to squeeze in some studying for my Algebra test too... idk where I got the idea to take Algebra and Econ. this summer, but I'm sure regretting it now!
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  • Didn't do much tonight but get some new shoes to wear to my boyfriend's sister's wedding tomorrow.  That is what I have going on for tomorrow a wedding.  I had great shoes, but my feet are to swollen to fit into them.  Wish I could say there was a shower for me, but alas I will not be having one.
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